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X-Men rEvolution is a MUSH set in contemporary New York City. Our canon is free of years of convoluted comics canon. Our canon has a slightly more real-world feel to the setting than many other MU's geared away from the higher ranges of power - at least, as real-world as mutants with superpowers running around New York City can be.

The tangled interplay of power moves back and forth as mutants and humans struggle for different goals: equality, mutant supremacy, human purity. Friends turn on friends, and enemies can be allies.

It is a time where only a few can turn the path of history. Will you be one of them?

Open since 2012, X-Men: rEvolution has held over twelve million words of roleplay across more than 4400 scenes. If you're looking for a place where roleplay happens, you've found your home with us.

Mud Theme: Marvel

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Review posted by Eidolon
Posted on Mon Sep 17 06:09:25 2018 / 0 comments
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This place is clique-y and has unusual rules that experienced players will not understand. It is hostile to anyone who does not immediately fit in, which will be hard because of the clique. They have virtually no FCs cast and cannot hold onto any FCs. Honestly the worst MUSH I have ever been on. Definitely not worth the extensive application process or the bother. Go someplace that is actually fun, friendly, and inviting. There are so many superhero MUSHes you could play instead.

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