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DarkBlade is a hybrid split into 2 sides. One is CHAOS, the MUD, a gangland city filled with plotting and evil, killing and bribery. Gangs fight for the city, while the corrupt mayor Backy stands between. The staff and players are _very_ friendly. DB includes the basic MUD attributes, plus it's modern and includes programs for elevators, subways, mobile phones, apartments, swipe keys, item caches, heavy safes, a helicopter, planes, and more.

The MUCK is a Portal linking Countries, each a theme created/built by players. These include Reciprocity, a covert (spy) RP country with secrets to be revealed; Recreations, a player-built country for re-enacting movies, TV and books; the Pueblo-enhanced area with sounds and pictures which can be added by players [get Pueblo at the site!]; FreeForm, a player-built area which allows ANYONE to edit ANYTHING, no matter who built what! We're waiting for the newest Country, Sci-Fi Colonies. The MUCK also contains new programs, including a Computer system for personal and public-access files and mail and the chance for any player to build major game areas and join the staff.

Mud Theme: MUD/MUCK hybrid. MUD: city gangwars; MUCK: player-control areas

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Review posted by Lane, AKA Seth
Posted on Sat Jan 24 16:16:12 2004 / 0 comments
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DarkBlade is one of the most unique hybrids I've ever visited, and eventually staffed upon. It is a great place for everyone, as we recognize that we have younger people frequent our game. Our rules even allow for the saftey of the younger players, allowing them to be able to visit every area in our game.

Many people come to DarkBlade for it's completely unique codebase on the MUD side, as everything has been coded from scratch. We use MUCK Forth (MUF or softcode) to code all of our features, so all of our features are very uniquely done! Our game itself is based off of (a now pretty heavily) modified TinyMUCK version 2.2fb5.30, allowing us to be able to accomodate for those who enjoy completely roleplay, without having to worry about experience points, skills, and the like. We have a variety of unique areas, constantly being added to, taken from, and revamped.

Unfortunately, not many people realise that we have this MUCK side to the game, and are discouraged with our current revamp of the MUD. I'd just like to say, personally, that after having worked on the MU* since near the beginning, BOTH sides can offer a great experience, whether you're into gangland gun battles, or feudal warfare between the humans and gods. In fact, we are currently reworking the MUCK side to better provide for people.

Above all, we have fun. Everyone knows each other, and although everyone has their quirks, everyone is helpful. Everyone loves the environment we create, and the friendships that we've made through the game. In fact, many of us have gotten so close, we don't realise there's any distance between us! The friendships I've made here, along with the politeness and giving spirit of the inhabitants of the game, are all invaluable. We always want to make more friends! If you're looking for close relationships in a place to have fun and be yourself, then this is the place to be.

We also a highly social atmosphere. I'm sure there are people who come to DarkBlade just to chat! That's what we're here for. We like to talk. Get some of us going on the right subjects, and we'll be talking for hours!

So if you like unique environments, a great place to socialize and make new friends, and enjoy both MUDs and MUCKs, than DarkBlade's got a lot to offer. It may be small, but it is a place that I really feel comfortable in visiting, and it'd be a place that if my brother came on, he wouldn't feel left out!

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