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Mud Address:    xfnyc.riverdark.net 2045
Web Address:    http://xfnyc.riverdark.net/wiki/
Codebase:            [MUSH]
Listing Last Updated:     September 17, 2015


X-Factor is a second-generation X-Men game starting in the year 2045, when public opinion has turned against mutant-kind. The government-run X-Force and the vigilante X-Men have both been dissolved. The Brotherhood of Mutants hasn't been a threat in decades, but new pressures have seen the rise of Revelation, a pro-mutant terrorist group with no compunction about violence. New York's mutants largely live in the ghettoized Mutant Town and have a hard time finding employment.

This is the world that has forced mutants from all walks of life together to form X-Factor Solutions, a Mutant Town business that offers whatever mutant services its employees can offer. They'll find your lost car keys... or provide highly-skilled bodyguards. Or anything in between, as long as you're paying.

The world may want to reject them. But that doesn't mean it doesn't /need/ them.


We are a roleplay-focused game with a friendly atmosphere and a playerbase that loves to hang out and chat. We use Faraday's FS3 system for chargen and combat.

Mud Theme: X-Factor, X-Force, X-Men, Marvel, Cyberpunk

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# Days Listed265
Last Connection StatusConnect Refused
# Days With Status7
Total Telnet Attempts3441.298
Total Website Attempts7762.928
Telnet Attempts This Month32110.355
Website Attempts This Month48715.710