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Codebase:            [MUSH] Rhost Mush with Reality Levels Defined
Listing Last Updated:     September 10, 2007


Come join the fun at Fantasy Moon. We are loosely based on the works of Takeuchi Naoko-sama, and will accept any attacks and backround from the movies, anime, or manga. We also accept original characters, and normal, unpowered characters as well. We also allow minor powers on those who are otherwise mortals. We would like the feature characters played somewhat canon, but the rp tends to be wildly off canon. There are characters from all walks of life, including very rich, very poor, and disabled. Through the magic of RhostMush reality levels, we even have Spirits that only some people are capable of seeing.

The main admin (Punk) tries to follow a schedule of primarily admin work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and primarily roleplay on Fridays and Saturdays. Sometimes, she will appear on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings, but don't expect to see her then.

In the in-character world, our time period is some time after the defeat of Galaxia, after she was given the task of redistributing the starseeds. Something broke through a dimensional rift however, and captured her. In haste, she threw all the starseeds she still had remaining, so they scattered every which way, reawakening sometimes in different people or in the wrong place. The timeline has been effected by the dimensional shift as well, so nothing is quite like it should be. News plot and news theme give details, once you connect as a guest.

New characters will most likely not have the old canon names but we are not disallowing it. Also, you can have your pick of arriving already awakened, or rping a scene (or several) that bring you to an awareness of your powered self.

Mud Theme: Sailor Moon

Fantasy Moon Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Asahara Chiyo(Sailor Orion)
Posted on Wed Jun 25 20:58:00 2003 / 0 comments
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Fantasy Moon is a MUSH based on the hit series 'Sailor Moon'. The staff employs several unique and well developed commands that allow the players to enjoy having things from D20 dice, to the playful @whee command for when things reach an appropriate moment.

The combat system we employ is similar to the of D&d 2ndE(without things like Thac0 and stuff). This is a non-cannon MUSH(which means it doesn't make it really totally strict as far as following the series) and the chargen is a very friendly system where the staff walks you through.

I think the best feature though is the friendly people there. I hope you'll pop in and give us a try. Orion

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