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The Abysmal Realms MUD is a Roleplaying/Restricted Playerkilling MUD derived from ROM2.4 code. The Realms opened to the public May 1st, 1997 and has grown steadily since then. Those accustomed to ROM playing will be pleased with the enhancements we've made while still retaining the best of the ROM 'look and feel'. In other words, we didn't gratuitously change things just because they could be changed. Changes were made specifically to enhance the player experience. with special features for a player who is literate in client programming. The server is highly stable, with uptime of nearly a year logged on a couple of occasions.

Somewhat unique to A/R is the notion of a character's "permanent alignment". This alignment is declared at creation and essentially remains unchanged by the character's actions. The "current alignment" is affected by decisions made by the character, and works like stock ROM.

The focal point of Abysmal Realms is our clan system. Those new to Role Play will find it natural to fall into RP mode because of the distinct personalities and purposes of each clan. We find best role players often prove to be the first time mudders! We have a clan that is dedicated to life and helping those that are inexperienced learn. Again, you can visit our web site for info on the clans.

Though PK is supported, it is judged by strict standards of appropriateness within the RP context maintained here.

We have user-selectable ANSI color, many spam reducing features, and questmasters available for questing anytime.

The mud is served by a conscientious and talented staff of immortals. We also have an mprog driven economy, where many things are 'made' by mobs, and we are striving to include every item in the realms in a like manner. Watch as items are picked, gathered, or mined and then processed into foods, weapons, armors, and potions.

WE HAVE NOT HAD A PWIPE SINCE OPENING, and do not plan on one in the future.

Mud Theme: Fantasy/RP (post-apocalyptic setting)

Abysmal Realms Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Jeremy Blankenship
Posted on Wed Jul 10 07:11:58 2013 / 0 comments
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I found Abysmal Realms in 1997. At the time I was looking for a casual ROM-based MUD in a fantasy setting with a reasonable commitment to RP. I was immediately hooked by the fantastic clan system which creates a wonderful sense of comraderie between players and ensures a constant supply of goals and challenges to overcome. It was everything I could've hoped for. The heroes were brave and strong, and the villains were devious and cunning, and I was thrilled to join them and write my own part of the story.

College took me away from the realms for a few years. I eventually did the MMORPG grind for a few years as well, thinking this was the logical progression of online games. I played 3 of the most popular games for 1-2 years apiece, and though I found enjoyment in them, they always felt like something was missing. MMORPGs have great graphics, pretty cinematics, and fast-paced action, but they're lacking in heart and soul. You may help to bring down the Lich King and get some epic loot, but at the end of the day you're just a player controlling a character. In the Realms you ARE the character. Even though you're limited to scrolling text, it has always been a more immersive experience, and you become much more emotionally invested in your character and the world around you.

I rediscovered Abysmal Realms a few weeks ago, and was thrilled with what I found. Not only are some old faces still around and some fond memories rediscovered, but the world is vibrant with fresh ideas and is improving all the time. The best part of it all though, is that you can be as involved as you'd like. There's a place for the casual player that just has a few minutes to do a quest during the toddler's naptime, or the hardcore player that wants to take command of a clan and change the course of the world.

Whether you're a veteran of the genre or exploring something new, I encourage you to give the Realms a try and write your own story!

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Review posted by James Slagstad
Posted on Tue May 7 11:08:51 2013 / 0 comments
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The last few years when I would feel nostalgic I would hop on and do a quest or two, never really stuck but this last time when I got on it was different, a few dedicated immortals were doing things to try and get a player base going again, fun events and enjoyable changes, like wolfen getting racial track... ;) So while currently there isn't a huge player base, I for one am going to stick around, cause the game is fun again in a way a lot of games just cant match.

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Review posted by Jarne
Posted on Fri May 3 07:00:47 2013 / 0 comments
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Owner Dennis Reichel has been working hard to revive and revamp Abysmal Realms. There are a few old faces, a few old faces playing new characters, and a few newer players. Abysmal Realms is an excellent ROM based MUD and like the description says, it has many enhanced features. With many of the 'older' player base leaving, a lot has changed as far as player to player and Immortal to player treatment (as forementioned). If you're feeling like a little 'old school' gaming, checkout Abysmal Realms at realms.reichel.net: 4000. Cheerio!

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Review posted by Mayren
Posted on Thu Apr 25 09:16:23 2013 / 1 comment
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This review is solely and purely my thoughts and feelings on the MUDD called Abysmal Realms and is in no way a reflection upon Mudconnector or any other affiliates.

I am truly sad. This mud was once a golden spot of warmth and joy and now it has changed. If both players AND all the immortals(including all the players who have immortal characters) were to cut back on ego and get back to having fun it would be a strong advantage to heal old wounds on either side.

It frequently comes down to sides when a Mud is soon to dissolve. The players think they are justified in sabotoge and the Immortals feel that the attitude of 'STFU when I say STFU' should be fine since they quote the old adage 'It's my mudd'. Abysmal Realms has no winners. Both sides are horribly wrong. Many have left and many more will come and go. The current situation seems acceptable to all those involved. I'm very sad to lose a game i loved. I say i lost it because after the Immortals read this post I am actually expecting that my characters will be banned. It's usually not acceptable to speak out against immortals or have opinions.

I wish for a Rebirth of Abysmal Realms, one where i could play again. I just don't think that will happen anytime soon.

-Lady Mayren

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Comment posted on Wed Apr 24 17:40:56 2013 by Msocorcim:

Hi Lady Mayren.

I checked to see if your chars are banned and no, even 6 years later they aren't. Your writeup doesn't give much information about your problem, but if you want to contact me I'll be glad to listen. I see you've got about 400 hours into one of them. It would be nice if you felt comfortable playing her.


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