Blood Dusk


The most unique mud on the Internet returns in its fourth version. On Dusk you'll find...

- Dark pre-industrial theme - All areas 100% original and unique to Blood Dusk - A slot-based skill group system which allows detailed character customization while avoiding the 'jack of all trades' syndrome - A unique combat system with hundreds of distinct moves, four stats (pain, fatigue, unbalance, and fear), and finishing moves - Distinctive fighting styles including brawler, fencer, soldier, taoken, gladiator, berserker, knifer, staff fighter, wardancer - Non-combat skill groups including theology, stealth, witchcraft, beastmastery, craftsmanship, medicine, apocruphyc - Player-run factions which can build fortresses, hire NPC assistants, collect treasure, and ally and declare war - Expansive home city of Ravenfall (~500 rooms) - Hundreds of special abilities to customize your character, such as beer belly, stoicism, cloak of night, and eldritch aura

Dusk is also refreshingly free of annoying mud-isms such as rent, corpse retrieval (combat is non-fatal), hunger & thirst, and arbitrary command delay. Every element in the game is designed for exactly one thing: to enhance the fun of your experience!

If you're tired of trolls, hobbits, magic missle, bash, and glowing jewel-bedecked swords of uberpower, then this is the mud for you.

We also have a focus on making it easy for players without a lot of time to devote to the game to play and still find it enjoyable. Of course there are plenty of "elder games" for those that do have a lot of time to spend. Dusk accomodates many styles of play. It's even possible to play a character with no combat skills whatsoever.

Now six years old, Dusk's diverse playerbase is as friendly as they are devoted. Log on today and see what you've been missing.

Mud Theme: Gothic Post-Fantasy

Blood Dusk Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Heru
Posted on Wed Nov 21 10:22:22 2012 / 1 comment
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I've played the game for ages. Recent versions have been plagued by certain immortals that make the game as unpleasant as possible; playing edited mortal characters with godly statistics, abilities, and equipment. Instead of making a character like the rest of us and spending the months to achieve their goals, it's about thirty minutes for certain admin to wank out a character and spoil the fun. The reasoning is 'mortals can acquire everything' however the probability of such is astronomical if not miraculous. It really is a wonderful game, however I won't be returning anytime soon - until the administration matures. It was once quite rewarding to explore the mysteries of Ravenfall. Now it is a matter of how exactly certain admin will flaunt their ego on a daily basis. I would challenge them to actually make a legitimate character, but there's no interest in that - only lording over players and undeserved graces. When one voices their concerns it is considered whining, and even when validated - for instance a character is removed - another takes its place in the same breath. Perhaps I will return someday; but the game was much better years ago, when administration kept to their work in the shadows instead of trivializing other players.

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Comment posted on Mon Nov 19 21:05:18 2012 by A Concerned Newbie:

It is true, admins have made characters, and used their admin powers to enrich the lives of their characters. However, this is nothing new. Many admins of the past have done this, including the game's maker Athelstane. No harm has ever occurred as a result, and the problem here is more or less the results of a hurt ego. The dispute here is with a single admin who would change the makeup of his character to ensure his invincibility, and while this may be classified as cheating, this same admin deleted said mortal character and made a more legit one based on the complaints of this player above.

However, it was not enough, and his friend continued on with the complaints and even lying about the intention and actions of the admin over the public channel, despite the admins attempts to appease these two players. If you do not like admin interaction via mortal characters, then yes this is not the mud for you. But if you are ok with admins making mortals, no matter how invincible, and are looking for a great and unique mudding experience then encourage you to come on over.

Review posted by Slae
Posted on Sat Dec 19 20:44:36 2009 / 1 comment
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I've been playing Blood Dusk since its first version, and this ad is out of date, so are the reviews.

Blood Dusk was just recently updated, several new areas, items, updates, fixes, and classes have been added to the game. There is far more to do beyond maxxing levels, and plently to do in groups, or solo.

We are now on our 6th version, with many new additions expected in the next month alone. Starting out is easy, and the players, including myself, are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Blood Dusk is a great place to spend, but beware, your brain may become dependent on Blood Dusk. Its fun, and easily addicting, once caught on to the game.

This place also goes beyond just skilling, hording, housing (which is expandable, and unlimited in customization), faction building, and questing. The story line behind Ravenfall is deep, and can lead to some very exciting finds, should one be brave enough to delve into it.

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Comment posted on Wed Dec 16 03:58:33 2009 by Jonan:

Now even this review is a bit old *winks*, we are now in version 7, and have even more things for people to find or get beaten up by. Just come on down to good ol' ravenfall and pay me a visit at the smithy, and i'll set ya up with something decent to keep you somewhat safe in your travels. The streets are rather quiet, so why not come and make some noise?

Review posted by Teanke
Posted on Wed Jun 22 05:39:09 2005 / 0 comments
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This game is NOT the average MUD. It's totally on it's own, with hardly any semblance to traditional AD&D muds. No magic missile indeed! Some players may be a little disappointed at first, when they find out it doesn't involve the traditional (read: overused) features below: -Traditional magic -Bash -Anything in a usual D&D type game

Take the stats, battle, class, and XP system. We have these stats: Strength - Raw physical strength Constitution - Ability to withstand pain Endurance - How long before you get tired Agility - Coordination and quick reflexes Intelligence - Learning speed Will - Mental fortitude Perception - Keeness of senses Bearing - Leadership power and charisma

The battle stats: Pain - If this gets high enough, the character may double and can be defeated. Fatigue - If this gets high enough, the character may need to pant to catch his breath. Unbalance - If this gets high enough, the character can be tripped or fall over. Fear - If this gets high enough, the character may flee or give the opponent the offence Force Absorb - How much blunt attack pain is blocked Sharp Absorb - How much bladed attack pain is blocked Balance - How much unbalance is blocked Courage - How much fear is blocked Intimidation - How much fear one instills into the opponent

A player starts out by modifying (or not if they wish to make a quick character) these stats. Over time, a player matures (4 times total) in their life, which provide small bonuses to their stats. Other gear (certain armor, weapons, and items) can also modify stats, like a bone bracelet which can increase intimidation but decrease constitution. Certain stats may benefit one class more than another; a character with a low con but high intelligence may be a better witch than theologist.

Battle stats determine what goes on in the battle. If pain goes over constitution, the person doubles. If fatigue goes over endurance, the person pants. If unbalance goes over agility (and balance combined), the person will fall over. If fear is accumulated, the person may give an opponent the offense. or may even flee from battle. It's really rather simple.

Classes are another thing that BloodDusk does differently. Each character has 7 class 'slots.' Each class can go up to a maximum of 4 ranks; each rank takes up a slot. So, this way a person may have to decide between the fourth rank of fencer or the fourth rank of, say, medic. Some classes only go up to a third rank, however, so sometimes this isn't much of a problem. While this may seem bad at first, it helps prevent the 'jack of all trades' syndrome in many other MUDS. At each rank, a player learns new skills (attacks and moves which the player may use at any moment) and has the chance to gain a special ability (passive moves that come into effect on their own). An example of this is brawler: he can use the moves trip, insult, jab, and haymaker. He can gain abilities like second wind (fatigue may be healed much faster randomly), beer belly (can drink more alcohol than the normal player), etc. This is in place to help encourage player diversity.

XP system is also quite different. More defeated mobs in the game progressively, but slowly, become worth less and less XP than less defeated mobs in the game. Confusing at first, but it helps to encourage the players to search the game for newer areas to find those less-defeated mobs which may be worth more. The overall XP in the game remains the same, so no worries about XP inflation over time. XP is needed for things like gaining ranks, abilities, descriptions for oneself and one's house, or other things.

The BloodDusk quests are very different from each other, ranging from finding a hermit's dog to solving the puzzle of a middle aged woman's dark secret, even to the stealing from notorious smugglers and rescuing slaves from an evil slave- master. Some quests are initiated by talking to certain mobs; other times, clues must be found along the way of exploring.

There's much much more to the world of BloodDusk, but this is a general overview of the essentials. Log onto the game and find out just what more there is; you won't be disappointed.

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Review posted by Asectis
Posted on Mon Mar 8 21:47:04 2004 / 1 comment
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I think this mud is WAY underrated. I played for 2 and a half hours BY MYSELF!!! I really enjoy it. I usually play godwars muds (i co own one), but this mud just stands out. It's really a shame. This mud would be a total blast if more people would log on. At least give it a try. If you're tired of the same old thing, Blood dusk is a nice change.

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Comment posted on Thu Mar 4 11:34:21 2004 by Selberhad:

Blood Dusk is a very innovative and fun mud - I played for a few months myself. The real problem is the world is rather small, and code updates/new areas are few are far between - a while back there were 10+ players on at peak times, and there are actually a lot of fun things for groups to do - many areas require a group for a chance of survival. However, once people explored all the areas and maxed out most of their skills, there wasn't much to do, and the player base gradually dropped to nothing.

It is a great place though, and I encourage people to try it out and post your thoughts on the forums - it might encourage the implementor to either take on some more staff, or pump out updates a little faster. Version 3.0 is in the works, I hear, so maybe we can look forward to some updates soon.


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