Have the choice of joining one of nine Houses Major in your quest for glory in this thrilling role playing adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune universe. Dune MUD's all -original world is just the finely tuned mix of theme and practicality needed to make the magical and deeply moving universe Frank Herbert created into a MUD.

Dune is an old MUD that has survived the years with its great originality, awesome gameplay, and friendly playerbase. Tired of mages, thieves, elves, and fireballs? Dune is your ticket to happiness.

Unlimited Levels + Unlimited Stats + 30,000 Rooms + Frank Herbert's imagination = Unlimited Fun

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Mud Theme: Science Fiction based on Frank Herbert's DUNE

Dune Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Ferenzic
Posted on Wed Apr 11 11:11:07 2018 / 0 comments
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I started on DuneMud way back in 1996. At the time, I had no idea what Dune, as a franchise, even was. I was immediately hooked on the mixture of past and future that the Dune universe brings. Now, over 20 years later, I am still logging into this mud.

DuneMUD is a very heavily developed mud. Many of the staff are professional programmers with many years of coding experience. There are tons of rooms and areas and pieces of equipment to Interact with during your journeys. The combat is pretty highly developed and the Combat is very fast-paced.

There are currently 10 guilds, which act as your class in this game. You don’t choose your guild during character creation, which is nice because it allows you to ask people for guidance on which guild to choose. What I will say about the guilds/classes is that they’re pretty much based different takes on fighter classes. The dune universe does not have wizards or clerics and there really is no magic. In the Dune universe, everything is based on selective breeding to create different types of super soldiers.

I can’t tell you just how awesome this mud is. Definitely give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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Review posted by Enlil
Posted on Mon Apr 23 16:16:41 2012 / 0 comments
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IMHO DuneMUD is the best Science Fiction MUD there is. I thought
about it the other day, and after not having played a MUD in years, made a new
character. I hadn't logged in for ten years, and I am oh so happy I did! The
game has been around forever. Once you blow through the others (or they are
'not supported'), it is still there. I guess that makes it the best MUD there
is, for me (I also don't like Elves, so DuneMUD 4tw!).

It is based on Dune lore...but being a MUD means that there is a lot of original content
, as well (player created). You have a variety of Guilds to choose from (10
uniquely different choices!), and at level 20 you can take active part in PvP.
DuneMUD is massive, and allows for good customization within the game.

Most of the information you need is in the helpfiles/wiki. The wiki has been
mostly player created, however. With so few players who care to contribute to
the game (the point of a MUD!), and the wiki being a relatively new addition...
it can be somewhat difficult to find what you are looking for (use the search).

Also, being that the game has been around, there are things that people just
don't know. Sometimes you have to ask a couple of high level players for help,
before one knows (of the top of their head) the details of what you are talking about.

I love the fact that you never have to log out. It is great, because I go AFK
often and even play it while playing other games (I used to play it while doing
homework, haha). The ONLY flaw is a relatively low number of online players.
Right now, for instance, there are 12 (10:00 AM Pacific). With a couple hours of
playing, I often run into somebody (usually near a main hub). Even if there
wasn't single player logged in, I would still play this MUD. I would still have
fun. DuneMUD is an immersive environment, and the rules are enforced (fully).

Each, and every, player I have dealt with has been perfectly respectable. Any
time I need help, somebody either directs me to the proper place or gives me a
hand. Sometimes people are grumpy, there is a full moon, who knows...but that's life.

Do you like science? Do you like Dune? Then make a character, and you will
NOT be disappointed! All the 'issues' can be remedied by an active player base,
who is willing to contribute. Play the game (have fun), build the wiki, share
your knowledge (in all areas!), and lets help each-other prevail through the next 10 years...

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Review posted by Shaun J.
Posted on Wed Feb 9 19:41:31 2011 / 0 comments
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Jumped into this after watching the movie. Excellent setup, great room descriptions and good execution. Problem with this MUD is the small player base. Each time I put in time there was only 15 or so players logged in. I put in over 20 hours on the game and NEVER passed or came in room contact with any other player.

The newbie sections were great, but the area appeared to have been abandoned as the donation rooms were empty and other newbie assistance caches were bone dry. This game is fundamentally great, but lacking any real players. At one point I mentioned the lack of interaction to the other players at which time I was advised to QUIT if I didn't like it.

If you're planning a trip into the Dune universe, expect a lonely adventure with a cold reception from it's inhabitants if you ever come across them.

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Review posted by Sav
Posted on Fri Oct 8 20:41:04 2010 / 0 comments
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I had a completely different experience on Dune than Zaph did. The people there were very friendly and helpful, not just with advice about what to do as a newbie, but advice about different ways to play in the guild I'd chosen and places to go for my level (whatever it happened to be at the time). More than once, someone was willing to meet me where I was and guide me to where I had been trying to go. Some players even logged in their alts that were members of my guild and ran around with me for a while. From a social context, Dune seems to have some pretty friendly people.

From a world standpoint, the game is huge. There are lots and lots of places to go, with more working and active guilds than I've seen in most muds. It helps that there's a lot of advice on how to play available, either from people in the game or from various places online (including the Dune website.) Since every guild has *very* different strengths and weaknesses, this is a huge help. Also, their website is really useful. They've set up a wiki, and the players have obviously spent a lot of time transferring game information (including help files!) to it.

To be honest, the game that Zaph played doesn't sound anything like this mud. Dune is probably the best sci-fi themed mud I've had the pleasure of playing. If you're into the Dune setting at all, or enjoy the genre, it's definitely worth your time.

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Review posted by Zaph
Posted on Sun Dec 16 21:29:28 2007 / 1 comment
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This MUD is not worth the trouble. The people are unfriendly, the syntaxes are confusing. The helpfiles do not cover even the basics and the whole newbie academy thing is time consuming, incomplete and frustrating. The average number of players circles around 10 and these jovial folk seem to make a sport of giving newbies bad instructions and mocking their questions.

The overall user interface, while supporting ansi in spammy and filled with irrelevant 'fireballs' usually conveying something or the other in poor taste. I would recommend any other mud over this piece of excrement. Out of five stars, i would give this sorry excuse of a MUD none.

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Comment posted on Mon Dec 10 00:51:52 2007 by Con:

I've been playing this mud on and off, it was my first mud, and i played it religiously for 8 years or more at one point. It's a very widespread world, complete with an amazing set of coders and builders all working to make the experience more fun. The pvp system is a lot of fun as well, allowing you to choose your battles to settle differences as well as hunt a fellow pvper if you choose.

The mud has evolved tremendously since its beginning and continues to grow as new books in the DUNE series come out and new content is made available for play in the mud.

The text is not spammy at all as the last comment has said. He just hasn't had the pleasure of knowing the help command and how to use it when it comes to changing your interface as it comes with all muds. Playing high level content in the game is rewarding as well, and most of the players are old time players of the game. You get out what you put in, give it a try, you may love it.

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