One of the oldest LPmuds, founded June 1991, Realmsmud is a large LP based MUD with 30+ players on at peak times. Well over 150 wizards have contributed to the more than sixty different areas that are open for exploration by players. There are several unique aspects of Realmsmud, including the multi-character system, a volunteer militia, an extensive player run nobles system where players may band together to create and defend their houses against seiges from rival houses, and finally a trade skills system. Trades include Blacksmithing, Jewelcraft, Leathercraft, and Tailoring. Players have the option of creating their own fortress with rooms and monsters. So, feel free to drop in on us. New players will enter the game at Central Park (CP) after going through the brief character creation process. To help new players get acclimated to Realmsmud, they are given a chat line to ask questions on. Volunteer players above level 15, called newbie helpers, are online to answer any questions that a player might have about the mud.

Realms is back and undergoing an overhaul after moving to a new server. If you haven't connected in a while, come join us. In game, mail Maeglin and Sonja with any questions, concerns and comments.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy, combat, limited PK

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