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In 1999 the red star Talos appeared in the sky the week after the horror of the Time of Nightmares ended. Scholars and talking heads appeared around the world to discuss how such a thing was the herald of cataclysm, with ancient peoples believing that it protrayed a coming cataclysm. Some even say that it burnished the sky a blood red the day Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii.

A Grand Convocation was call pulling more than 500 mages and their custodes to hide inside the Horizon Realm of Unity. They are the survivors of apocalypse who have lived hiding within their own world for more than 24 years. As the two decades of isolation from the world they abandoned have passed, resources such as Quintessence and Tass have become commodities. Not enough for the many and horded by the few. Fractures have started to appear among the factions of Unity leading to the question of how will they continue to survive? Is it worth trying to fix the small pocket of reality that the magi survive in? Or would it be better to escape and see what became of the world?

Ascension Sojourns in a Mage 20th Anniversary game accepting beta testers ahead of a soft opening this fall, and grand opening this winter. Tradition Mage, Mortals, Sorcerers, Psychics, and Bygone are currently accepted. Bonus char-gen XP will be given if you tell us where you saw this ad. We are looking for active players who want to write stories and be involved with plots. Each group, cabal or otherwise, will decide a “plot night” which will run like a weekly (or what works for the group) tabletop session with staff to advance game plots, and/or complete your groups +requests. Between sessions player are welcome to role-play amongst themselves as on any mush.

Mud Theme: Mage 20th Anniversary, World of Darkness

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