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Ryksyll MOO is a relatively new world. It is an adult- restricted game, though not necessarily adult oriented. CyberSex is allowed in most semi-public areas, and in most public areas as well. Character setup is detailed, and done easily through a webpage, something that most games do not have. The webpage allows you to setup almost all aspects of your character, from description and gender, to the clothing objects he or she wears.

We're still looking for builders and coders. But a MOO like Ryksyll is never fully coded.

Ryksyll MOO is a strongly themed and Roleplay intensive game. It is based on the world of Mycle which is the foundations for some books in progress. The stories can be found at http://ryksyll.com/~durpost/ Characters must be requested from the webpage at http://moo.ryksyll.com:8889/request/. We offer mutliple guilds and temples to join, as well as several different species.

Mud Theme: World of Mycle

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