The world of Entia is again at war. The forces of chaos once again seek to destroy the world itself. It is a time of fear and darkness. It is a time for those with courage, to step forward and defend their beliefs, and their very existence.

BlackMUD is a Diku and Silly based MUD, although it has become something far more than either. The world of Entia is a wonderous and challenging place. It boasts over 70 original areas, made up of over 16000 rooms, all designed around a comprehensive world theme and history.

Good role-playing is encouraged and rewarded. With a wide array of races, cities, classes and sub-classes, BlackMUD offers the player a wide world of adventure and excitement.

Mud Theme: Dark Fantasy

BlackMUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Grimulf
Posted on Wed Aug 24 22:22:58 2005 / 0 comments
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I've mudded at Blackmud for twelve years, so it's been around awhile. It is both a challenging mud, and a fun mud to play. It has a good range of classes, skills, spells- probably one of the most playable muds there is.

It is very stable, the coding staff is thorough, and always working on changes. We have an outstanding web page, our own forums, an account system for managing your characters, and offer support for organizations and clans. Come by and check us out!

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Review posted by Derrick Crew a.k.a. greban
Posted on Wed Aug 24 22:01:49 2005 / 0 comments
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BlackMUD is an exiting mud where the immortals are always trying to improve gameplay. The players are nice and always willing to help a new player out. The immortals are all great guys and gals that truly care about the mud and the people who play it. The immortal staff is always coming out with changes and new aspects for the mud.

I have played this mud for 6-7 years and have always loved to loggon and roleplay with my friends. i have played a few other muds and have even been an immortal on another one and nothing is more enjoyable then playing this mud as a mortal.

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Review posted by Phyron
Posted on Wed Aug 24 21:58:08 2005 / 0 comments
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I've been playing BlackMUD for ages and since I've just come back from the con I really felt that I should give my review of the MUD.

BlackMUD or BM has been the best MUD I've experienced. The staff has been moving it in a direction of more Roleplay, while at the same time leaving a level of hack n' slash that is acceptable to that sort of player.

The world itself is extremely large and original and is growing all the time. For the most part the playerbase are very helpful people, I know that I(Phyron) for one would have no problem giving a hand to any new player if they let me know they are in need.

I don't want to make this much longer, but I believe if you are looking for a top notch mud, then BlackMUD is DEFINITELY the place you want to look.

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Review posted by Ferok
Posted on Wed Aug 24 21:53:21 2005 / 0 comments
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BlackMUD has been around since the beginning of almost any mud, and to this date has an average on peak times of at least 15-20 people. Immortals are always active, quests happen often and there is an option feature to keep you out of player-killing, or get you into it.

Great gear, a roleplaying environment and 50 levels, plus remortal classes . I could go on but you'd probably get a better view for yourself if you would try it out. It's well worth it as I've been a dedicated player for 6 years.

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