Warhammer 40k: Rise of Heroes


In the Grim Darkness of the future, there is only war...

But on Ursa IV, the fourth planet out in a rather nondescript part of the fringe of the Imperium of Man, war occasionally takes a breather.

Based off the world of Warhammer 40,000, Rise of Heroes is set on the biodiverse planet of Ursa IV. Join the Imperium of Man as they defend what is rightfully theirs, or counter them as an agent of Chaos. Or perhaps you just want to bring more joyous Dakka into the world and be one of our Orks, settling into the desert to try and bring a new Waugh into the world.

We are always welcome to new players, with a newly-setup (and still in playtesting) OPTIONAL Combat system, focusing on roleplay and storytelling with a good amount of violence to boot.

Come and join us in the not-so-dark future of Mankind!

Mud Theme: Warhammer 40k

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