Realm of Magic


Enter the Realm of Magic and discover the Magic and Mysteries that it holds for you.

Slay monsters, cast spells, mix alchemy potions or just rely on your wits and skills. Go on over 70 scripted quests, accept randomly generated assignments, take part in one of the many online quests directed by immortals and mortals alike or face the automated mayhem of vikings attacking a coastal town. Recover from your adventures in the harbour town of Moonglow, share your stories about mythical monsters, hidden cities and relate rumours about werewvolves and vampires. Socialise in the famous orders and take over responsbilities as a venerable judge, advisor or even lord. To encourage roleplay, people are allowed to customize their description in extra details or clothing and use an extended emote command.

Extra emphasis is put on easy use of the Realm. A java applet is installed on the homepage for playing the game and extensive in-game features support decent playing even with telnet e.g. multiple command aliases and speedwalk and many other things. Additionally, MXP extensions for clicking of actions have been added for player convenience.

Blind or visually impaired people using a talker program should connect to port 4002, which reduces the text sent to the client massively.

And yes, the Realm is running on a dedicated server with good connection to the internet.

Newest additions: Familiars, Player run shops Britannica, Underdark, Western Mountains, Poveglia

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Realm of Magic Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Einder
Posted on Sun Aug 19 08:03:40 2012 / 0 comments
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The primary language on the mud is English, however inside the mud, each race also has it's own language. There are also a variety of channels you can chat on so that not everyone has to see everything your saying. Generally there are 2 - 3 active players on and generally an immortal or two (the administration). There are spikes where we get a lot more players than that on, but it's spikes and is not consistent through out the day. Player-killing it says is restricted, but that's not necessarily the case. You have a group of people who are dedicated to continously killing each other, because they like to attack other players. However, you can also attack other players without being one of them. You always risk a run in with Mortal Law Enforcement that way, but it is possible.

There are 8 different races you can play, which I can think of off the top of my head. You also have 5 classes. One class holds an advantage over all others, but the rest of the classes are pretty much leveled out. I personally have not experienced favortism from any corner, but rumor has it that some is shown. There are many zones available for exploration, and tons of equipment, some special some not. You also have the ability to create your own equipment in the game in order to better meet your needs. The custom equipment creation is of course at the discretion of the Immortal Administration, so that one player does not become overly powerful.

Regardless your preference in games, once you get into this game and start making some friends, it becomes highly addictive. Those of us who are active, do try to help those who are new to the game. We have a channel specifically for newbies who have questions and we try to answer them the best we can.

Going on a star review, I give the mud over all 4 out 5 stars, only because there are something that could be improved. For ease of play, interest, and friendships, this mud has been hard to beat.

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Review posted by Halfvar
Posted on Sat May 24 20:44:12 2008 / 0 comments
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I have played this mud for quite some time now and it still amazes me how well built it is. It has a practice system like no other mud i have played and a HUGE world that is constantly improving. Built in quests of varuious kind and staff held quests.

Some people have complained about the Immortal staff and the 'system'. Most of them have indeed abused bugs and such, to gain an advantage over other players and for this they have been punished. Some harder than others. I, myself, have had my dusts with the immortals but i still have full confidence in their work.

Come in and try it for yourself. I think you will find it welcoming and easy to learn.

Halfvar Anadar. The Lonely Cleric

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Review posted by Danlo
Posted on Mon Sep 3 20:31:58 2007 / 1 comment
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I have defended the Realm of Magic in previous reviews, but this time, they have gone too far. First of all, they implemented a system of levelling which disadvantages those who are too good at it. They have a system of xpquests, whereby if you can finish them in a time shorter than 7 minutes, aka 95% of them, you receive a lag between quests. As a consequence, this is approximately 40% the efficiency of the only other method of levelling, which is killing monsters. They have only about 8 zones which are worthwhile of levelling, which as a result, if you pass level 40 (about 10 days of work), your time is spent clearing those same 8 zones nonstop.

The second problem, apart from the monotony of their levelling system, is that the administration constantly implement changes which affect only 1/4 of the playerbase. Hence, you have utterly unbalanced characters. The older you are, the more advantage you receive from the continuous changes. For example, I remorted twice in my character. The immortals(admin) of the game refused to allow me to return to my base class, having been caught as the wrong class at the time of their implementation. With NO prior warning. They finally allowed me to remort, after clearing from my bank account 18 qts, 240 qps and 18 million gc. In terms of gameplay, these values are the result of years of work. The immortals have no consideration of the impacts of their implementations, and their capriciousness determines how well one can achieve in one's char.

Not the least, but this game does not have anywhere near the playerbase it claims to have. At any one time, it has no more than 8 players online. Generally, 3 of these are immortals. If community is what you play for, don't even bother. Danlo

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Comment posted on Fri Aug 31 00:37:21 2007 by Nicki:

And yet you still play...There's a lot the administration does I don't agree with, and I've had my disagreements with them. One thing I've learned from playing on the Realm of Magic these last 8 years is that you always come back...always.

Review posted by Zanshin
Posted on Tue Jul 25 20:43:48 2006 / 0 comments
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Its important to note that although I do say this as a character who first played in this mud 10 years ago, I don't say it as a highly advanced one!

I only mud occasionally, usually for a few weeks in the summer, and my favorite ROM hobby is alchemy, which doesn't earn you much eq, so the highest I've gotten is level 31.

I have the tendency to dabble with other muds, but each time I return to the realm.

I think the thing that makes it different from other muds is that there is a larger pinch of humor and originality mixed into the mud. A paint can serve as a highly useful wand (you spray people in the eyes) and a ruler you get from killing a teacher. My favorite way of making easy money is to hang out in the red light district of one town killing hookers (they can carry 3000 - 12000 gold) and then selling their clothes (another 8-15k total).

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Review posted by Gamaji
Posted on Sun Jun 11 19:18:54 2006 / 0 comments
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I have been playing this MUD for awhile, and I have been addicted to it. There are so many features and worlds and zones and people that makes it so fun! You explore over 200 zones, group with other players, roleplay, or just talk.

The people there are very helpful, and will help you in time of need. You can join orders there, either to talk, or to help build the realm itself. There are auto-scripts on the homepage that can tell you ranks from number 1 all the way down to last place, or tell who who is on without logging in! Whenever there was a bully or a party-pooper, that person got removed for good.

If you see a typo, find a glitch, or think a new feature should be added, you can submit them, and 100% of them get answered! Be sure to join this MUD, or give it just a glance!

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Review posted by Adam Smith
Posted on Sun May 27 22:03:51 2007 / 3 comments
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The following review is from the viewpoint of a player, the following is not an opinion held by Mudconnector or its affiliates -

The Realm of Magic has become the worst game in the world. At one point, my friends played it, and so I took it up. Then, after the immortals and administration went "dictator", everyone started leaving. Implementations dividing the players into super powerful (the older players) and weak (new players) have arisen. Old players have all the spells and skills, which new players are unable to achieve. If you want to kill the same thing ten times over, changing a word from pound to slash and vice versa, then this is the game for you. Otherwise, it gets boring fast.

It is entirely anti-newbie. I was in an order dedicated to assisting newbies that was entirely inactive. 3 players contributed to our efforts. The average ammount of players online is nowhere near what it shown. 4 is more accurate. A post on a board within the game saying that somebody was the only one online was deleted. Commands which show the maximum players since reboot was also removed. Curious? The plot thickens.

I played this game until they bent the rules. The Gods (who were the only ones with access to my equipment) removed it all, and then played stupid. In mortal law, I was a judge, with no power. Behind the strings, immortals controlled everything. Anything that goes against the immortals is deleted. Players who speak out are placed in "Time Out", or "Hell". Cussing is permitted, only if you are on good terms with the "Implementor" or his wife.

Implementations focus on MSP and MXP which little to none of the playerbase uses. New lands, and a new class is scheduled to come out soon (but trust me, it will be so buggy you won't want it for a year). Immortals are mostly inactive, and prefer torturing the mortals with increased prices for potions, and creating new lags which are later removed due to their hatred by the people.

On a side note, if you should choose to play this game, assume the identity of a German, as there are special favors given to those of this ancestory. Descrimination will find you, if you are from any other nation (and you will be eventually asked by other players).

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Comment posted on Fri Feb 10 17:12:29 2006 by John Rhodes:

As stated in the post I am commenting upon, the ideas represented in this statement are not those held by the website or staff.

Ironically, this post is quite accurate. Looking at the other comments on this page, none of the people who posted good things are active. Allow me to address the comments - Ian Fulcher (Blister) no longer plays. Kymon is very inactive. Shea (Danlo) has deleted, and no longer plays. Bill (Tsabo) no longer plays due to either being banned by the people who run the game (my guess), or self-deletion. And finally, Graeme(Ezikiel) has deleted and no longer plays.

So, if you would like to talk about the positive aspects of this game... if its supposed to be fun and addicting, people don't stick around much. Of course, this is only by my observation. This however came directly from the web site (, by clicking 'Service', and then 'Who is Online' - '5 Players Maximum of players online since boot was 17 players Tue Feb 7 00:48:43 2006 All-time high was 49 players Sun Sep 8 23:52:17 2002' I think this speaks for itself when it says that 17 is the highest in 2006 with a history of 49 in 2002. The game, which apparently once was great, now is no more.

Comment posted on Wed May 24 16:38:08 2006 by Shea (Danlo wi Soli Ringess):

Indeed, I am quite active on the game at the present time. I deleted for a short while to give myself a break, and focus on personal things instead of the game. You are correct, many of the old players have left. Sure, some of the implementations have been questionable, and put forward past the objections of the playerbase, but I disagree that this is the sole factor contributing to the decline of the game.

Let's face it, in the competitive world of online RPGs, graphical games are lot more alluring than mere text-based games. The implementation of MXP support etc have been an attempt to cater to a wider variety of players. Sure, the imps could have focussed more on fixing the more questionable implementations such as the limitations of the newer players, and indeed, it has been agreed that the restrictions on multiclassing will be regressed to previous levels.

I, myself, am confident that eventually, Realm of Magic will be once more the fun, and lively place that it once was. The admin is a lot more approachable now than it was previously, and I believe they have learnt the lesson of implementing 'features' whilst ignoring the playerbase.

All we lack now, are the numbers of players. Even so, there are often times when we have 10+ players in the game, but as I stated in my review, it ebbs and flows according to the different timezones of its playerbase. Come and check it out, anyways! Things are in the works!

Comment posted on Sun May 20 14:08:57 2007 by Guapo:

Actually Tsabo, Ezikiel, and Danlo still play, Kymon has been inactive for years, but comes on randomly to check changes and play for a few weeks at a time to get a sense of things. Newbies are actually helped on the realm. Alot moreso than when i started, the truth of the matter is that just because people in his order did not help does not mean there are not others helping. His order was not the only people able to help the newbies.

As my experience with being judge was that i had a pretty free rein to pass punishments and etc without immortal interference. If the author of the post is who i think it was, the immortal interference was over issues of him breaking policy. And last, but not least, the skill system has been fixed to bring older and new characters at even levels again.

Review posted by Ian Fulcher
Posted on Mon Feb 14 22:40:56 2005 / 0 comments
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I've been mudding since 1992. Seen it all, coded it all, and Realm of Magic has become my home. It's got all the classic circleMUD pros, and an active society representing players of all ages, nationalities, etc.

The game itself doesn't get old, either. A healthy influx of new programmers and a fair player-run (!) justice system are also bonuses. I'm just a player there, but I'm satisfied with that.

Those who want to govern or code have opportunities. Criscal (prime operator) is even-handed. PKing is an *option* I've chosen the pacifist route (and yes, I *still* can find it fun). Also, check out the orders you can join. They offer solidarity and optional hierarchy (along with some awesome items!) Feel free to look me up.

-Blister [Battlemage] [Member of the Robes of Moonglow]

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Review posted by Kymon
Posted on Thu Oct 7 20:31:19 2004 / 0 comments
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What i like best about Realm Of Magic is its versatility when it comes to playing styles. You may either play a tough 'bloody' character, killing and stealing powerful equipment from other 'bloodies', or you may choose the pacifist path, not having to fear any attacks from any other player, as you are protected by the gods. You may also choose the middle way, being a more or less lawful citizen, protected by a mortal justice system.

I've been playing quite some muds over the last years, but for some reason i always keep coming back to RoM, as it IS the best mud i've ever played.

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Review posted by Shea (Danlo wi Soli Ringess)
Posted on Mon Sep 27 23:05:58 2004 / 0 comments
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I have played this realm for almost 4 years, and although I have gained knowledge of most everything, it is still a fun and daresay, addictive, roleplaying game.

At first look, it appears to be a standard stock Circlemud with only the 4 original classes, but the ability to multiskill makes it a great place to play, with pretty balanced classes. Each class still has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on how you want to play.

This is a fairly large MUD with 15000+ rooms to explore. All zones have a fantasy base, with many based on well-known fantasy novels. Detailed rooms and mobiles makes every zone unique and never boring to explore.

The playerbase is mainly american/german, and so there are peak times when the majority of players are sleeping, leaving only a few players online. Despite this, everyone is very social, with a lot of added communication channels and predefined socials, in addition to extended emote ability to make your own.

Instead of fighting mobiles, you can participate in Online Quests, run by mortals and immortals alike. If you like to make quests, you can join an order devoted to their making. Or instead, you can join one of many other orders devoted to roleplaying, or make one of your own.

There is no cap on players levels or statistics, which is probably what keeps me coming back. The lure of becoming the most powerful player...simply addictive.

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Review posted by Bill (Tsabo)
Posted on Fri Aug 20 21:00:56 2004 / 0 comments
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Throughout the 5+ years I've been playing this game, I have found that Realm of Magic covers everything for an active MUD player. The nearly limitless amount of information and creativity creates a wonderful environment for people that are both new and old to the game.

Creativity: With 10,000+ rooms within the entire game, Realm of Magic seems almost overwhelming when first played, but with all great and wonderful MUDs, time, patience, and exploration will uncover wonderful and amazing features. Let's start with basic character creation. It seems simple enough; 8 races, 4 classes, 2 genders, but when you take a look deeper, there is so much more to look forward to.

Roleplay: The key element in every good MUD is roleplaying. Realm of Magic offers lifestyles for all sorts of players. From pacifism to blood-thirsty killers, Realm of Magic has it all. If you enjoy the politics of the game, become a Judge or Lord and you can personally change the outcome of the game. If you want to become one of a more secluded group, many orders are available to join. In whatever you do, Realm of Magic can, and will, support it.

With a wonderful game play and creativity around every corner, I've found that Realm of Magic has been the number one choice in MUDs. I've been playing for 5 years, and I would like to play another 5.

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Review posted by Graeme (Ezikiel Demetri Rage)
Posted on Sat Aug 14 20:42:14 2004 / 0 comments
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I've been playing in the Realm of Magic for a nearly 4 years now, and it is still as fun as the first day. Starting up is easy, as there are plenty of players willing to help, and since the MUD has been active for 10 years, many players really know the realm in and out.

The playerbase is pretty big, an average of 10-15 players on at any given time. The atmosphere is very welcoming, as most of the older players know eachother, and the realm is quite a social place. There are a bundle of orders, each with it's own unique purpose. Some offer scripts to support RP, others help write and run online quests. The Realm of Magic also supports a Random Quest Engine, which will reward players for completing 1 of 7 different tasks (randomly selected) to nearly any room in the realm. (There are exceptions, and how far the room can possibly be is dependent on level.)

There is no cap to the level which one can reach, but levelling is not nessecary after a few levels. Once a character has mastered his class, he can sit and interact with other players, instead of fighting mobiles.

There is in place a powerful Mortal Law, complete with both Mortal and Immortal Judges, a Realm Lord, and 2 systems which change the character's standing in the law. The Book of Blood will allow players to PK other characters who have signed it freely, and even get their hands on special equipment only available to that type of character. There is also a book for those who do not wish to take part in any PK whatsoever.

The Realm of Magic is constantly evolving and skills and spells are always being added or changed. New and unique items appear with mortal-made zones, and zones are reconstructed all the time. Even as a mortal, one can participate in (limited) building of the world, for training if they want to become immortal.

There is always something to do, or someone to meet, or an old friend to hang out with in the Realm, which is perhaps what keeps me coming back.

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