RavenMUD was originally started by a handful of people from Da Shadow's Domain and ShadowMUD. After many modifications from its original code Raven now has many unique features including: improved A.I. Mobs (NPCs) using special procedures and more recently DG Scripts, multi functional magic items, numerous operational cities, and an online creation system, just to list a few. Player grouping and role playing are quite popular with 11 classes and 11 standard plus 9 remort races to choose from. Exploring Raven's vast and ever expanding areas will not be a hassle, with saved aliases and abbreviated commands to ease the amount of typing. Clans and custom clan housing that offers to many options to list add greatly to an already rich role playing environment. Planned and impromptu quests are frequently run with various themes and objectives that range from capture the flag, city defense, seek and destroy, rescue missions, treasure hunts, capture the flag, and many many more. A talented Imm and mortal staff continuously produce original areas and improve game play in many facets. An entire city is devoted to players new to MUDs is available to start in with helpful and informative mobs and help files to get your journey underway. Raven is very stable and has been around for quite sometime and will continue to exist indefinitely. Whether new to the game or a veteran this is everything you are looking for in a MUD.

Mud Theme: Fantasy-based

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Review posted by Jamar
Posted on Wed Oct 10 21:31:09 2007 / 0 comments
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Like some many others that had a friend or relative get them started in mudding, my brother got me hooked on Ravenmud. He came from another game around the time Raven first started. I have seen many players come and go over the years including myself. One thing keeps us coming back; the feeling of family and friendships that no matter how heated things become between our characters. We come together and have each others backs when it matters.

The last few years have been tough on the mud between our founder retiring, changing servers and the rollover of long time staff members who gave Raven a sense of continuity. I, personally, have been gone for two years and was happy to see that Raven is still as strong as ever with enough unique areas, auto quests, eq and adventuring that even after 12 years I still find new things I never noticed before. If you like to be a loner and only occasionally group, then Raven is perfect for you. A player can get max levels by exploring the world and earning the respect of their peers to be asked to join large eq runs and better themselves without having to 'know' somebody to level.

If you prefer to make friends who will be your buds for years even after you have stopped mudding, then Raven is for you. You can sit around all day just chatting and no one will pester you to stay in character or do something. There are many world channels to talk on when you need to ask a question or are just bored and want to pester the imms. If you want to learn to build Raven has their builders port and academy.

Raven has everything that you would expect from a long time mud. Player killing, clans, 11 classes, remort races, all the trimmings. Even with everything the code has to offer, Raven has one thing that keeps us coming back, freedom. Freedom to be anything you want, whenever you want, however you want.

Check us out at ravenmud.com 6060

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Review posted by Chastin
Posted on Mon Oct 1 00:58:12 2007 / 0 comments
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If you're looking for an extraordinary MUD with many features, including clans, quests, 11 standard races, 9 'remort' races, and 11 different classes to choose from you will find it extremely difficult to not find a mixture that suites your needs. On top of that, you will be highly rewarded for exploring the game itself and seeking adventure automatically!

The MUD itself is huge, there are so many different zones to choose from. Each area has its own unique and individual perks. Runs are made often, large amounts of players gather together to defeat some of the harder runs! This is the place to go!

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