-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Welcome to Narnia, the charming mythological realm created by C.S. Lewis. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- It is now Narnian Year 1017. During their reign, High King Peter defeated the moor giants at Narnia's northern borders, Queen Susan and King Edmund made peace with Narnia's many neighbors, and Queen Lucy established prosperity and good-heartedness throughout the land. Alas, in the winter of 1016, their majesties disappeared, and Aslan tells us they are gone for good. Now, new candidates are contending for the Narnian throne, and there is not yet a clear favorite.

To the south, King Lune of Archenland has recently regained his eldest son, Prince Cor, who is now adjusting to the life of a prince when all he previously knew was that of a fisherman's slave. Nobles quibble over city governance and appropriate trade agreements with their Calormene neighbors. Castle life and common life coalesce through the many merchants, knights, and guards, who have busy lives in both realms.

Despite a general peace, both kingdoms worry over Narnia's absent monarchs. Who next will take the throne? Will Terebinthia's Duke Oren put swords behind his bid for the throne? Will the Beasts decide they needn't be ruled by any human, and instead choose one of their own kind? What role will Archenland's new and untested crown prince play in all this? Can Narnia maintain its fifteen year reign of peace under such a strain? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

NarniaMUCK is a roleplay heavy MU*, currently set after the events of Horse and His Boy and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. NarniaMUCK strives to remain as true to canon as is possible while also fostering the best creative grounds for interesting and believable roleplay. We are a child-friendly game, with a strict Acceptable Use Policy. NarniaMUCK features a world-wide chat channel, multiple player-run guilds, original programs (including but not limited to combat, fishing, and cooking), mini-games, and an active staff. While not totally screen-reader friendly, we have made some efforts toward becoming so (for screen-reader users, please use port 2048). Our most active times of day tend to be 4pm-11pm in the EST-PST timezones, but we have also have active players in Europe, and we encourage you to try us out at any time.

Mud Theme: Based on the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis

Client Recommendation: Atlantis, MUSHclient, and mukluk recommended for staff help. All outside clients are functional. Our webclient is currently down.

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Review posted by Starlight
Posted on Wed Jun 21 20:22:18 2006 / 0 comments
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Back in November, it was Narnia fever everywhere. The new movie was soon scheduled for release, and millions of people were all flocking to the fandom. I had long ago began to love the world beyond the wardrobe, having first seen the BBC movies as a young child. I had long been searching for a suitable Narnia RPG in which I could stretch my legs and immerse myself in this fantasy world. Well, one day a little voice in my head inspired me to Google for a Narnia MUD. A webpage popped up at the top, which listed past and present Narnia-themed MU*s. Intrigued, I followed the links and ended up on the Narnia MUCK website, where I instantly applied for my first character, a Winged Horse dubbed Starlight. It was love at first type.

The whole staff are incredibly kind and helpful, as are most of the players. I loved the depth of the roleplays, and the fact that the MUCK was small enough that I could navigate to some extent, although not entirely, as Wix may know. ;) My entire experience on this game has been rewarding, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who is a true Narnian at heart (or just wants an awesome MUCK).

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