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Listing Last Updated:     October 29, 2004


A webbased and textbased multi-player simulation where you can explore the world, get into politics, get rich or become a criminal. You can start several characters. It is not like most MUDs, as there are no races or skills or quests, but you simply play a human character in a world comparable to ours, in which you can help develop its society. It's all about 'reinventing' politics, economics and other societal institutions. Just have a look at the website for a more detailed explanation.

Mud Theme: Modern Political / Economic sim

Cantr II Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Solfius
Posted on Sun Jan 11 21:11:57 2004 / 0 comments
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Cantr has an unparalled freedom of choice compared to any game I have played. It's programmers endeavored to make the game this way, by purely programming the world mechanics, not the social structures, etc. It is this aspect of Cantr that I find most appealing. I like to build up empires and companies, and other groups organised my way, and Cantr allows for this like no other.

Any structure or organisation that you can imagine is possible in Cantr. I have made companies, churches, monastic orders, empires, and democratic governments in my time as a player, and have many other ideas to try as time progresses.

The game is able to be played once a day, so when you are busy you can still keep up with events. Although the most successful players play more than once a day.

The game benefits from a highly active, helpful, and supportive administration team, organised in departments that are relevant to different areas of administration. Staff members are also players, so they are highly motivated to keep the game as good as it can be and solve any bugs and errors as fast as possible.

The player base is also dedicated. There is an acompanying forum for players to discuss in game events, related ideas, and suggest new ideas and additions to the game, which often get added in due to the ongoing improvement and enhancement.

The game has no NPCs, so every person you interact with is human. There is no way of knowing what they will reply as there are no scripted NPC responses.

I've been playing for a year and a half now. I've been on the Staff for a year, and I'm totally addicted. Without Cantr 2 there would be a massive hole in my life, but I don't mind because I love the strategy that Cantr offers me. I can't see myself leaving it any time soon!

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