Built upon the remains of the classic muds Myrradel and Alhazi Invasion, a new land called Kallindor rises from their ashes.

Kallindor offers an environment ripe for adventure with over 100 original areas, 18 races, 5 base classes, and an additional 16 subclasses chosen at level 30 of 60.

Our incredibly active and friendly immortal staff push through weekly updates and fixes and add new areas regularly. Our existing player base is incredibly friendly and will always be around to answer questions and assist new players in any way.

With clans, pkilling, pstealing, and our ever-expanding champion system, you can expect to find a lot to do and many ways for you and your friends to improve and keep things interesting. Our environment is best suited for players who enjoy a fun environment of hack’n’slash combat and vast character improvement through our champion system. A strategic, well-balanced party is necessary for many of the endgame bosses, some of which have yet to be defeated by anyone.

Each distinct class has a unique array of skills and abilities that allow for any type of player to find an ideal class for their playing style, whether you are is a seasoned mud veteran or just starting out. Upon reaching level 60, you'll venture down an endless avenue of advancement with our unique champion system which allows you to improve your character infinitely. As you advance through the champion system, your character will gain increased resource pools, passive benefits, and powerful new abilities.

Available Classes and Subclasses:

Mage - Archmage - Support and Enhancement Class - Sorcerer - Powerful Offensive Spell Casters - Necromancer - Masters of the Undead

Cleric - Avatar - Masters of the Healing Arts - Druid - Balanced Nature-based Class Able to Adapt in any Situation - Herald - Melee Class with Powerful Dark Magic

Warrior - Berserker - Powerful Melee Class - Knight - Masters of the Sword and Shield - Paladin - Holy Warriors

Rogue - Assassin - Stealthy DPS Class - Ranger - Well-balanced Outdoorsmen - Ruiner - Warrior-like Class with Offensive Spells - Thief - Masters of the Art of Deception

Monk - Shaolin - Warrior Priests - Mystic - Monks Focused on Defense - Shadow Sun Clan - Well-balanced Between Light and Shadow

Mud Theme: Casual Fantasy

Kallindor Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Peyton
Posted on Thu Oct 18 23:39:43 2018 / 0 comments
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I have been playing Kallindor for a little over a year now and I love it. The imm staff are open to ideas and suggestions to make the gameplay better for the players. The imm staff work hard improving already existing aspects of the game and are constantly working on new skills/spells and mob mechanics. I can't wait to see what things will be added next. There are always friendly players on ready to help new players with questions and starter gear. End game gear takes large groups and there are still zones/mobs that we have not completed. The mortals have compiled an excel spreadsheet with gear stats, zone directions, and other game information that is readily available to all. Just ask a player for the link. Please stop in and give us a shot, you won't be disappointed!

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Review posted by Thael
Posted on Sun Apr 17 13:47:40 2016 / 0 comments
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Hello everyone

I have followed this mud since I was a teenager, the mud name was different but i have been hooked from day one. So, whats so special about Kallindor? I would love to say its player base, but no, we arent many (yet) but dedicated and friendly. For me Kallindor is a mud that stands for quality and balance. You cant solo every mob and for good gear u need a group. We havnt been able to kill all bosses yet and that says alot. To run experience and gold in the fastest way you need a group, this aspect of Kallindor I love. Another thing which makes me continue to play even after hit max level, is our champion system which is a way to develop your character further. Beside beeing able to buy champion levels when you reached max level(which is not super hard but not super easy either) you can buy stats from a meta guy. The champion system is still under development and more features will be added in the future. We have one active implementor(Zardoz) who help us inside the game and also code to make the mud a better place to be.

Here is a small list of other features Kallindor offers: 1. Clans 2. Clan controlled territories(areas) 3. Player houses 4. Pkill, and no, you dont lose any gear. Just your pride and the need to regen mana and hp back. 5. Autoquests 6. and much more...

So if you looking for a hack'n'slash mud with friendly players, exciting and rewarding gameplay. Please stop by and give Kallindor a chance. Its not for everyone but I promise you if you stay you will not regret it.

Sincerely Thael/Roth

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Review posted by Wyndl
Posted on Fri Dec 4 12:09:29 2015 / 0 comments
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I'm very new to this MUD. I also posted in the forums hoping to get more folks playing because I'm really liking this MUD so far. I rarely post or do reviews but I enjoy this MUD to the degree that I want to share it and get others to try.

So far it has a very classic medieval fantasy feel. There's not any goofy/silly stuff or pop culture references and the areas seem very congruent, immersive. I feel the game has a good newbie path where you know what you need to do to progress but can also break away and explore. The weapons/armor in the shops are actually worth using, having things like hitroll and spellpower, and are also reasonably priced. There is an Adventurer Guild with tasks that give guild points, which you use to buy special items. However the tasks also give XP and gold which again I'm not used to, and really enjoy. So you can hunt/grind if you want and also get additional fun rewards.

Skills/spells system reminds me of Skyrim. You actually get a significant amount of xp from improving abilities through use. Skills/spells are ranked using words like 'awful' or 'proficient' rather than numbers or percentages. Spells are grouped into categories like Alteration, Rejuvenation, Evocation, etc., and you can choose to improve both individual abilities and/or the school they belong to. There appear to be a lot of extra abilities in addition to stock ones, and from what I can tell you eventually get to a rank where you start to get completely unique abilities. You choose a sort of 'base' class and then at some point get to pick one of 3 specializing classes. For example if you're a Monk you can pick an advanced class that has more magic/spells or one that focuses more on fighting. At least this is my understanding so far.

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Review posted by Katiana
Posted on Fri Apr 24 07:18:51 2015 / 0 comments
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Kallindor has become an online home for me, for many reasons I will state below. The players: Are helpful and always willing to lend a hand with equipment, experience runs, and corpse retrievals. Groups are formed often, to run boss mobs or even small areas for cash or a level. The imms: In the past month alone, I can't count how many areas have been released or tweaked to fit the player's needs. Most if not all of my ideas have been implemented, and the imms work tirelessly to provide the players with a great experience. Any idea that's reasonable and would benefit the overall result of the game will most likely be put in with in a fair amount of time. The classes on Kallindor all have their own unique purposes. Some solo easier than others, but each one has its use in groups. Even if it's just to smash things to pieces There are 5 starting classes: Mage, cleric, rogue, warrior, and monk. After leveling to 30 in one of the classes above, each branches out in to at least 3 more classes. Whether you're interested in becoming a necromancer with ghouls and specters, or an avatar with powerful healing. Or maybe melee is your thing, whatever you like, we probably have in some form. For screen reader users, recently a check command has been added for those like myself who use a speech synthesizer and can't keep up with a prompt. Typing check hp or aliasing it will display something like: Hp: 100% You can do the same for mana, mv, and ki. Experience, gold, and platinum will be added in the near future. This concludes my review of this friendly mud. Come try Kallindor for yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read this: Katiana/Alissa/Kit

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