Pass beyond the border between the known and the unknown, into a world where great mountains rise and fall in a breath, and untamed magic runs rife through a land torn asunder by the prophecies of the dark fey. Here, the weak are mere playthings, and those who would fight are too often turned, or destroyed. In the depths of these wild, long forgotten lands, boundless opportunities lie for those smart enough, or strong enough to take them.

Offering a fully multi-threaded, stable environment derived from AD&D 2E rules and set in an all original campaign world with vast possibilities.

Coded Features Include: * Dynamic treasure tables and experience system. * Dynamic multiple attack system for mobs. * Tactical movement & ranged combat with throwable weapons & archery. * PvP sparring system, allowing lethal and non-lethal combat options. * Proficiency system with general and class based skills. * Spell system utilizing spellbooks, memorization and components. * Realistic weather system with temperature and climate effects. * Ecology with growing plants and fruit and nut bearing trees. * Vehicles (coaches, wagons, boats, etc.) & player ridable mounts. * Databased character introduction system. * Weaponsmithing + draw and sheathe system for weapons. * 165 gem types with gem appraisal and cutting. * Layered wear system for clothing and eq. * Languages and literacy. * Multiple clans and organizations. * Room rental and home ownership system. * Realistic food and liquids with poisons and alcoholic affects. * Committed and dedicated staff with GM run quests and encounters run daily.

The next best thing to that table top game you can never seem to get started. --- Learn more at www.rauvyon.com ---

Mud Theme: Fantasy RPI

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