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Ever wanted to be a Pokemon trainer? If your answer is yes, then Pokemon Fusion is the place for you. Pokemon Fusion offers the unique experience to not only become a trainer, but also the opportunity to harness the enigmatic power of fusion, allowing trainers and their pokemon to fight together as one.

Enter Kasei: An entirely original region west of Johto. From the bustling nexus city of Ensou to the eerie black forests of Dovetail Town, the entire region is a giant melting pot of people from all corners of the globe; people of all shapes, sizes and races. It boasts one of the most active Pokemon leagues as well as being the largest concentration fusions in the world. This status has brought the region great wealth in the form of tourism, but also its own share of crime and corruption among its establishments.

Players are free to create almost anything they wish to roleplay as in the world of Pokemon Fusion muck; be it trainer, everyday citizen, cop or criminal. Fans of the Pokemon games themselves may be glad to know we also offer extensive coded systems to facilitate the battling, catching and breeding of the pokemon themselves--with full support of player vs. player Pokemon battling and more features such as gyms and Gen 5.5 (Pokemon Black & White 2) in the works. Character admission is done via an approval process, no lengthy application or long wait necessary.

Mud Theme: Pokemon

Client Recommendation: SimpleMU recommended

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