Dawn of the Ages


Dawn of the Ages offers 22 basic races, 11 reincarnate races, several professions and numerous careers. Our clan system offers more options and powers to those who want to join. We have stock areas and tailored areas both, although the former is decreasing as the latter increases. Our PK system is optional, but limited equipment is available to PK-joined players. Dawn of the Ages is newbie friendly if people want to try it out.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Dawn of the Ages Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Malacoda
Posted on Mon May 3 21:35:17 2010 / 0 comments
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Dawn of Ages is a great mud. It is very friendly and newbie helpful. If you are used to a Diku format mud, but your favorite mud went away or disappeared, then you will love this one.

Commands are the same as always. IE: eat bread, cast 'spell' target, get rope bag, exam rock, etc., etc.. It is a large world, set up logically. For instance, most newbie zones are near your starting point, higher zones further away.

On this mud, the designers want you to be buff. They want you to be tough. And they show that idea with loads and loads of really good equipment and weapons. Plenty to go around. But also some rare and limited. But plenty of those as well. If you enjoy mudding and want to raise a tough character to whip mobs, other players, or group with strong groups, this is a great place to have that kind of fun. I have played muds which only a few players could get really tough because equipment like + damage and hitroll was so rare, only the really high level players could attain them. This mud is not like that. There is plenty of stuff to get to make you a nasty fellow, or a great healer, of and nearly un-hittable tank. Try it out. It is a great mud.

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Review posted by Cogwork
Posted on Wed Oct 28 20:32:55 2009 / 0 comments
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Dawn of the Ages is a fantastic MUD! There I said it! There's many places to explore, quests to complete and people to kill. There are a few balance issues I think when it comes to certain profession and career combos, but everything can be overcome with some guile and planning.

Leveling allows you to help grow and define your characters role in the world, and gives the player enough freedom to feel like it's really their own and not some cookie cutter build.

A reincarnation system gives players something to strive for. And once a player reincarnates that's when the fun really begins. The reinc-races are very powerful and fun to play, and bring new elements to battle. Do you want to be a Troll mercenary with health to spare and the ability to stave off death when other people would have succumb? Or do you play a demon leeching power from the other players around you and feeding into your own? The possibilities are numerous, and when you throw limited and legendary artifacts into the mix it makes player battles and the search for something to give you an edge even more enjoyable.

So please come and check us out! Everyone is nice, the game is great, we just need the people back.

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Review posted by Kyri, Shadowlady of Tarealen
Posted on Sun Mar 15 19:52:01 2009 / 0 comments
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Dawn of the Ages is a medieval fantasy based mud. The server is based in Germany, but everything is in English. Before a friend introduced me to Dawn, I had played text-based computer games before, but never a mud. Since I started playing Dawn, I've tried a few other muds, but none of the ones I've tried quite compare.

First, we'll start with the races. When you first start your character, you have several races to choose from, including, but certainly not limited to, a few different human races (highman, dark man, etc.), a few elf races (wood elf, dark elf, etc.), centaurs, mountain dwarves, chaos dwarves, skaven (rat people), wulfen, cherubim, and many others, giving you a choice of 22 basic starting races, And that's just the beginning of your choices! Each of those has different options for hair color, fur color, eye color, whatever it is that the race you choose may have.

After you get the appearance of your character all sorted out, then you have a few choices for your profession. There's something for everyone there as well. Whether your character is going to be a necromancer, a warrior, wizard, cleric, scribe, ranger, rogue, or templar, you still have even more options as to what you want to specialize in. Will you go rogue minstrel, necromancer of unlife, ranger bounty hunter, templar of Sscis, cleric of Wyome? The choice is yours. Are you going to be good, neutral, or evil?

And those aren't the only options you have in Dawn. Dawn currently has seven clans that you can join to further your skills. You can be in Ofcol, Tarealen, Callador, Pentacle, Lokatar, Antheum, or Judges. Each clan, aside from Judges, who uphold the laws (but not the rules) of Aryeon (the land that holds Dawn), has an opposing clan that they are always at war with because of opposing views.

There are many items in Dawn, scattered across the land. Some of them are limited or Legendary, and can only be held by people who join the optional player killers. There are things that will help your character to be able to fight better, but, as it is also very much a roleplaying game, there are also items that, while they may not help your character fight better, they greatly enhance the rp value of the game, whether it is just something that helps shows the views of the character, or maybe just something for him to fight for.

And, if that wasn't enough options already, once your character reaches a certain level of power, they can chose to try to reincarnate, if they have met the requirements. When you reincarnate, you get a chance to start over with a new life. There are certain reincarnation races that can only be accessed through that. Whether it is Nymph, Titan, Troll, Celestial, Daemon, or one of the others, your possibilities are nearly endless.

Beyond just the basics of the game, as I have talked about so far, we must also talk about the actual players on Dawn. Of all the muds I've tried, they are some of the most friendly. When a new character is made, nearly everyone welcomes them to the realms. We're always willing to help someone new get on their feet! The immortals are also friendly and help the players a lot as well. Most of the people work well out of character, even if their characters may be ready to kill each other. :)

The playerbase isn't as large as it should be for as wonderful as the game is. We're looking for new players who will help enhance what it already has going for it.

If you're looking for a new world to explore, Dawn could be it! It is good for both newcomers and people who have been mudding for years as well. Between the newbie tower and the players, if you're lost, there's likely going to be someone to help you back on your feet and back in action.

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Review posted by Feravain
Posted on Sun Jul 12 21:20:16 2009 / 2 comments
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I started playing this mud quite some time ago. It was great fun when I first started playing. However, it's glory days are long past. The original creator of the game isn't willing to put more than a couple hours of work into a single project even though what the mud needs requires more than a couple of 2 hour projects.

The mud has failed to make a significant advance for several years now. Compared to other muds this one is significantly lacking. There maybe 10 players that play throughout the day so a lot of times you are the only person on.

Also, the immortals like to play favorites and allow some people to get away with cheating while others get deleted or even banned. One particular immortal decided to start cussing at me because he misunderstood me. Don't waste your time on this mud, there are so many better ones out there.

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Comment posted on Sun Mar 1 10:00:38 2009 by Akai:

Ok, first of all you are right about the player issue. We have lost a considerable amount of players. However, here in Dawn of The Ages we have a considerable turnaround. We are getting more players every week. All of which would completely disagree with you as I am now.

As to your statements about the imms not caring? If they did not care what happened they would have yanked the game ages ago. They have not. To this day they are working hard to improve it. Recently one Immo has revamped several areas in the game. Another works every minute he gets on Coding new things. So you say that no one puts in the time to make this much better. I think you need to actually come back for more than 3 seconds and see for yourself.

As i said before, we are not as thriving as we once used to be, but we are not dead. There are still players who are on for most of the day and there are those who are only on once a day. Just like any other mud.

We are still a very high quality mud. I would refer anyone and everyone here. It really is a wonderful place to play.

Comment posted on Tue Jul 7 07:57:54 2009 by Feravain:

This comment is for Akai who either A: does not like to read anything or B: likes to put words in peoples mouths. No where did I say the immortals don't care. What I did, however, is quote the words of the creator when he was having a conversation with me. Don't bother commenting back either. I know you don't read or will try and say I said something that I have not.

Review posted by Donovan
Posted on Sat Nov 18 19:31:49 2006 / 0 comments
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Oh where to start. I started playing Dawn of The Ages about 6 years ago back when I had no clue how to play a mud or even what I was doing. It was apparent that I had stumbled upon something great.

What I love about dawn is the Profession and careers you can be, the skills, and the awesome reincarnation races they offer and the Clans. First the professions and careers. Dawn offers the standard fair such as Warriors, Rangers, Wizards, and Rogues but they also offer Scribes, Templars, and Clerics. But that's not where it ends each profession has several careers they can choose from (save for the scribes).

You can be a warrior Gladiator, or Warrior Noble, A Ranger Beast Master, or a Ranger Bounty Hunter, A Wizard Arcanist, or Wizard Conjurer. and those are just a few examples for each profession I just mentioned.

As for the reincarnation races they range from things like Atlanteans, Crimson Elves, Titans, and Banshee's and again those are just a few. With each reinc race having special abilities and characteristics these races really add a lot to the game.

The clans offered are great too some of them include Callador the bloodmage hating fighters, Lokatar a bastion for all evil, and the Judges protecting the innocents and righting wrongs. Each clan has a clan hall and special clan powers.

However Dawn doesn't have the playerbase that it's used to due to a past system crash. We are currently trying to get new blood back into the game to get it back to the bustling busy entity that it used to be. No review I can write will ever give Dawn of the Ages the justice it deserves. So please stop in and experience one of the best (in my opinion) MUDS I've found.

Just tell them Donovan sent you.

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