Anarres II


Anarres II is an LPMud written from scratch with the objective of creating a powerful and versatile LPC library. The library environment for creators is modelled on the Unix operating system with clones of many important Unix daemons and commands. Features include an extensible capability based security system and extensible in-shell scripting. Anarres II uses an internal messaging system to allow internal and external AIs to interact with the world on the same basis as human players.

In mid 2001, the emphasis of Anarres II turned to building area code to demonstrate the library, but development of the driver and the library are actively ongoing as ever.

We encourage technically minded visitors to drop in and have a look around, the codebase is visible from when you log in. The regular users have backgrounds in a wide variety of both technical (and nontechnical) disciplines and welcome discussion.

Mud Theme: Futuristic

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