Age of Legacy
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The Legacy of Dizzy was created in memory of one of the best MUDs of the late ’90s, DizzyMUD. Its mission was to recreate the atmosphere of family and fun that Dizzy had lost over the years. Eventually, Legacy had distinguished itself as a different playing experience, and was renamed to the Age of Legacy.

On Legacy, we promote socialization and casual gameplay, while still offering a rewarding experience for power levelers, role players, and PKers. You'll find a diverse mix of all play styles here. We have clans, questing, many custom and evolvable skills and spells, remorting, and more. The experienced staff, coders, and builders are diligently working to improve and expand the realm, and encourage player feedback to help build the world that YOU want to play in.

After almost 10 years, Legacy is back and better than ever! Join us at port 3000!

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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