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Delusions is a social-based MUCK with an emphasis on enjoyment. The management is fun-loving and willing to answer any questions you have. There is a lot to explore and many things to see. Contains one of the largest libraries of spells for MUCKs. Database size = 13,200+ objects. No player-command logging!

Among the multitude of features you will find on Delusions are ANSI-colors (paint the world!), Highlighting (have friends' messages show up in colors), FamilyMagic (keeps track of your family tree!), SpotMagic (helps you lie, sit, stand and swim in a logical way), Pathfinder (helping you plot the route between two locations on the Muck), Guide/Helpsystem (Del is *VERY* userfriendly), Hintcookies (giving you helpful hints every time you connect), MrTutor (step-by-step tutorials), Linewrap (in-server!! no more cut-off lines), TravelMagic (catch a wagon and ride through the worlds), Online-Games (poker, hearts, labyrinths, chess, purity test, combat games, 4-in- a-row) Welcome!!

Mud Theme: Medieval Nature Fantasy

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