Turf is a multi-themed MUD with entirely unique areas ranging from 'Two-Tier Britain', a then-and-now look at the UK, to future-oriented areas such as Space Station Krios and Star Wars, Star Trek, and Babylon 5 areas, with everything in between from gothic horror to Monty Python's Flying Circus, and several areas too unique to even describe in under twenty lines. 65 areas in total, all of which have been carefully checked for interesting content rather than sheer size.

PK is restricted to members of clans who have voted to be involved in player-killing. Player stealing is regulated in the same way.

Turf began as a Merc 2.2 in 1994 and has had an evolving code base since, with a bent on stability as well as features. In addition to the flashy features found on all quality MUDs Turf adds stability, averaging under four crashes in a year. Turf is rebooted approximately once a month for code and area file updates, so there is always something new to play with.

Mud Theme: Multiple themes

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