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The original author, Paul Clarke, continues to run and develop EmpireMUD. Come gather resource and build an empire, or delve into adventure zones to slay monsters, complete quests, or find new crafts, crops, vehicles, and buildings. You can do any or all of this on EmpireMUD!

Want to build game content? EmpireMUD has a full suite of in-game editors for NPCs, terrains, vehicles, morphs, books, triggers, quests, and more. We teach interested people to use them and design game content whether they want to build content for us or are trying to start their own EmpireMUD. The source code is on GitHub for anyone who wants to run their own copy, large or small.

EmpireMUD's best features have come from player suggestions and years of devoted development by the programmer. EmpireMUD has been around since 2000, with version 2.0 in active development since 2013.

Some of the best features include:
* ASCII map navigation in a huge 1800x1000 user-modifiable world
* Screenreader mode allows easy map navigation for the visually impaired
* Sighted players play alongside blind and visually impaired players
* Run and manage your own empire -- or join someone else's empire and just adventure
* Your "class" is based on which skills you focus on
* 300 unique abilities to choose from
* Unique building & crafting system with 300+ buildings and 950+ crafts
* Delve into 55+ instanced adventure zones
* Vehicle system with ships, carriages, and whimsical things like the walking hut, clockwork roc, and enchanted rainbow
* DG Scripts (modified and updated for EmpireMUD) enhances adventure content and rewards * Active programmer adds new features and content based on player input and feedback
* Support for MSDP and MXP
* Collect mounts, mini-pets, crops, and vehicles * Optional tutorial quests and 950+ player help files to help learn the game * Stuck? Ask for help on the /newbie channel.

Connect to EmpireMUD, make a character, and check out the "quest start" command ("q s" for short) to start the tutorials. Then, join an empire or found your own!

EmpireMUD is also looking for builders who want to design and create content using our contextual in-game editors. EmpireMUD lets you edit crops, buildings, mobs, factions, and 20 other data types. It also includes a port of the DG Scripts scripting system.

Mud Theme: medieval fantasy empire building

Additional Noted Features:

  • Persistent world map
  • Instanced adventure zones
  • Content is scaled to player/group level
  • Frequent code and content updates

EmpireMUD 2.0 Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Ntech
Posted on Wed Mar 27 14:19:49 2019 / 0 comments
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Khufu maintains a great MUD, definitely #1, in which players can expand their empires, forge alliances through the fires of war, and level up their skills, put on gear crafted by master craftsmen, explore, rise, build, and conquer.

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Review posted by Pywackt
Posted on Mon Aug 6 16:04:49 2018 / 0 comments
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Map is top down, world size is 1000x1800 tiles and everything that isn't ocean can be built on.

Establish an empire by laying the foundations of a cabin, then grab more territory and build an outpost. Build more and gather more resources and grow it to a village, keep at it and build a massive capital city on your own to sustain your quest for more powerful items or ... join another kingdom and work together for even more wealth and power.

The quests appear in instances. Some at fixed locations in certain buildings, others randomly in certain regions or around cities. Some you can complete on your own, others you'll need strong party for.

Why join an empire or build your won? Because while decent equipment can be found in quests, the truly powerful ones can only be built with the backing of a strong economy.

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Review posted by Lars
Posted on Fri Jun 26 13:11:39 2015 / 2 comments
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While playing on EmpireMUD with a friend, I was told that after three weeks of playing there with them that I was no longer allowed to play with them I'd been accused of multiplaying. Evan, who is now Zeon had this axe to grind because he needed to prove himself as a threat neutralizer. He over-zealously accused that I had tried to crash the mud and then went on to accuse me of crashing the mud to purposefully dodge the situation. After I tried to prove that I was not multiplaying with my friend and offered my phone number and skype as proof that we were two different people just at my house, the admins shied away from that and stuck to their guns. Then, they even had the audacity to call me a liar! When I finally came back I was telling my friends I'd made over the course of time what happened and why I was gone for a while. Ten minutes after, Zeon rudely and arrogantly made this retort:

--- Connected on Sunday, May 03, 2015, 6:06 PM ---

Zeon has transferred you!

Zeon says, 'Hey there.'

You bow deeply. You say, 'how may I be of service?' Zeon says, 'We gave you a pretty specific list of things not to do if you wanted to still play here. I don't know if you wrote them down or not, but you should have. I'm sorry, but I'm no longer allowing you to remain on EmpireMUD.' You say, out of character, 'Brent.' You say, out of character, 'oh? What happened this time?' Zeon says, 'You were told by Paul not to bring any other players into the situation.' You say, out of character, 'so telling them what happened is bringing them into it?' Zeon says, 'Yes, especially if you're outright lying about the situation. Goodbye.' You say, out of character, 'I mean people do get curious as to why I wasn't around. Was I supposed to just say nothing?'

--- Disconnected on Sunday, May 03, 2015, 6:40 PM ---

Here, Zeon mentions a list of specific things that never existed! Could it be to prevent bad publicity? I can assure you the answer is a resounding yes! Do you think that I was banned from this game to prevent me from telling people about how this guy misuses his power? Absolutely! Why else would someone quickly try to silence a potential threat to their position of power?

So in review: This is a well coded game. There are many fun skills and abilities. But unfortunately the word of the imms is law, even if it's wrong, the imm is always right, not the customer. My suggestion: Run far, far away from this place and see if you can find someone who has a copy of 1.0 running.

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Comment posted on Sat May 16 12:27:22 2015 by Vess:

Your line about the Imms always being right not the customer. Did you pay for this game? If not you arent a customer. The Imms have spent who knows how many hours of their personal time building a great game, so I think they have a bit more at stake when it comes to the game than an unpaying player. Whether or not you were multiplaying, they asked you not to involve others. You went against that so they removed you for causing drama. Posting this rant as a review is just proof that you want to stir the pot.

Comment posted on Fri Jun 19 17:52:41 2015 by Lars:

'the customer is always right' It's a figure of speech. Figuratively speaking dude, the idea is that if you run the place, you care about the people that have concerns or qualms about how things are being done. Of course, you took that literally just to justify your point when the obvious implication was that it only goes to show how apathetic towards the players' concerns this person was. Basically what I'm saying here is that I got accused of something and instead of being reasonable and understanding, it was only one way. So instead of treating me with respect like a person should be treated, or hearing me out about the issue at hand, it was more like 'it is what I say it is and if you tell anyone then you aren't allowed here anymore.' Stir that in your pot and see if it makes any sense.

Review posted by Evan/Zeon
Posted on Thu May 14 23:53:21 2015 / 0 comments
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EmpireMUD is a codebase that has been in the general community knowledge for over a decade now. It comes up and now and then and is frequently cited as an excellent unfinished codebase.

This is no longer the case. In April of 2013, Paul Clarke came back to re-initiate development and has made massive strides in the last two years. The game now has an original theme and many of the issues that plagued EmpireMUD 1.0 have been fully addressed. The game is almost completely unrecognizable from how it was previously and the parts that worked well have been considerably improved.

The game features the ability to create your own city with its own unique design on an ASCII map as well as create your character from one of 8 different skillsets with many unique abilities not seen on other games. The game also features an extensive crafting system that scales with your character's skill level, allowing you to be valuable even if you want to be a non-combat character.

Paul is one of the most responsive MUD administrators I have ever met. He takes feedback seriously and on several occasions I have seen him completely change a system over multiple issues being brought up over its design. He also has gone out of his way to make the game extremely screen reader friendly, so we do absolutely want you to play with us if you use one and are constantly taking feedback about how we can improve the game in that regard.

I definitely recommend checking EmpireMUD out. It's unlike just about anything else out there.

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Review posted by Tykune
Posted on Tue Jun 3 12:47:00 2014 / 0 comments
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I have been playing this game for quite a while and found that it is very enjoyable if you are the type of person who likes to build an empire which you can do solo or with the cooperation of other players. The mud gets frequent updates which makes it a lot more funner and even more enjoyable for new players who wish to get into the mud. If you are first starting, I would recommend joining an empire and learning the ropes of the game, before attempting to fashion your own town.. but by no means do you have to start an empire yourself. Being a part of an empire also has its very fun sides, such as building, creating tools for your empire, mining, fishing.. the possibilities are endless. Roleplaying is recommended and encouraged, but not entirely necessary. There are many features which this game possesses, and will definitly take hold on those who are creative and ambitious enough to become the top empire. While the mud is very enjoyable to play with other players, especially roleplayers, it is also the same exact thing it lacks... players. So stop by and give the mud a try, and I am certain most will find it just as enjoyable as I have.

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Review posted by Deus
Posted on Sat May 18 10:37:21 2013 / 0 comments
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Hi, I'm known as Deus on Empiremud 2.0 and I have been playing since April 16th of this year but I have played many iterations of Empiremud over the years, and I am happy to say that Paul Clarke is back and developing the mud again. I sincerely hope for the best in the future of Empiremud gaming as we progress toward the future. To put things into perspective I have been actively advertising for this mud for quite a while now and not because someone asked me to but because I truly enjoy playing this mud, and I am very pleased that it is gaining so many new faces every day because of its previous following. Not only because of that but I hope because of my efforts to promote the mud too, this has been a very fun experience for me to watch this mud unfold before my very eyes taking a completely new direction away from the World of Darkness translation that it used to be. If I had to pick a part of the mud that I show favoritism to that would likely be the crafting and building aspect of the game but I also enjoy the combat as well since it isn't required that you perform combat to 'grind' for experience but instead you can go hunting to improve your survival and battle skills. I really do love this mud and it's new skill tree that it has, here is a run down of the skill tree and how it basically looks in game without the fancy colors:

You know the following skills: [ 0] 2nd Magic Tree - Coming soon... [ 25] Battle* - Charge confidently into combat [ 30] Empire* - Lead your empire to greatness [ 19] Natural Magic - Attain mastery over the natural world [ 0] Stealth - Coming soon... [ 50] Survival - Make your way in the harsh wilderness [ 16] Trade* - Earn your fortune on the roads and seas [ 0] Vampire - Feed the hunger, control the blood * You have ability points available to spend. You have gained 4/15 skill points today. Type 'noskill' to prevent skill gain.

Now I'm sure a lot of you remember that there was also werewolves and not just vampires but I don't know if they are going to make a comeback or not. I do know that the mud a lot of us have grown to love is definitely worth playing now with all the many many changes being made to it every day. I would post the change log here but it would just be better if you go to the site at empiremud.net and check it out for yourself. I don't think that I have ever played such a richly diverse game that is open to many aspects such as war, politicis, simple roleplay, complex storylines, and much more of course. If you haven't figured it out yet this mud is 100% player driven almost everything is player created from the cities and its streets right up to castles and guard towers, this mud is one of the greats in my opinion and I will keep playing it till either paul tosses in the towel or I am dead, that is how dedicated I am to this mud. It is not just a like it is a love of mine and I will go to the ends of the world to see it expand and grow and I just want others to know about it so that they can see this mud for themselves and who knows maybe they will grow to love this game as much as I have. Granted this mud is being developed but it is in a playable state with very few bugs and has very very VERY little downtime if any at all so I encourage the mud community to come check this place out.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you on the map!

-Sincerely, Deus

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Review posted by Luathas
Posted on Mon May 24 19:16:48 2010 / 0 comments
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I used to play a copy of the empire mud code back when Paul still hosted it and was working on it himself. Sure, some of the features were never completed, but from what I've heard in the past couple of days I've spent playing on this copy, the people hosting it are actively working to finish up everything that was never finished.

I highly encourage anyone who like muds to give this a try.

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