Perilous Realms


Long ago, before the rise of humans as race powers in the world, there were two great empires, the dwarves and the elves. The origins are unknown, lost in the mist of the past but two different races would be hard to find. The elves, thin and elegant, lovers of nature, the sea and great forests, masters of the ethereal magical arts. The dwarves, masters with stone and steel. Architects and sculptors, lovers of the high cold airy mountains. As each grew in strength, they met and clashed.

To this, the human nations came, often caught between the borders of these domains. Eeking out their existence they too developed their own resourceful culture, eager to take the opportunity of any weakness to secure their place in the world.

- 38 Classes, 16 Races - 170 Spells, 33 Weapon proficiencies, 56 skills - 24,000 Rooms, thousands of unique creatures and objects - 17 clans, with houses, lockers, boards and guardians - alchemy, brew your own potions and create wands Join us, come play in this growing mud!!!

Mud Theme: Tolkien - High Fantasy

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