Sociopolitical Ramifications


Welcome to Sociopolitical Ramifications!

SPR is a freestyle, furry-based MUCK, formerly hosted out of Linkoping, Sweden, now relocated to a fault tolerant cloud hosting provider in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Regardless of location, SPR is proud to cater to players from around the world.

Founded in 1994, SPR grew rapidly from its humble beginnings of few dedicated players and staff to its current position among the top three, non-themed furry-based MUCKs.

SPR boasts a many things not found on other furry MUCKs, such as:

1) No server lag, including during database saves. Our hardware and software is kept up to date with the size of our database and number of connections. 2) No building quotas. Players may build as little or as much as they like! 3) Friendly players and large helpstaff! 4) While no overall theme is enforced, creation of themed areas by players is allowed and encouraged. 5) All players can experience learning MUF, the programming language of MUCKs, as introductory programming access is available upon request.

We also offer SSL/TLS-secured connections on port 23551 (we highly encourage this!). IPv6 connectivity is also available using the same DNS name, or connecting to address [2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:febc:e66e].

Mud Theme: Furry

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