Kallisti MUD


One of the longest running, most feature-rich MUDs in the universe!

Created in 1992, it has undergone decades of development to become one of the most evolved games around. KallistiMUD boasts a massive original world, great atmosphere of long time players, excellent combat system including group formations, ranged spells and weapons, optional PK and arena PvP battles, extensive character customization options, player lineages, clans, highly customizable player houses, item crafting, extensively customizable UI, Mud Sound Protocol (MSP) with hundreds of sounds, Mud Server Data Protocol (MSDP), extensive blind player support, a Mumble server for live voice chatting with fellow players, and so much more!

This is an a amazing game that you could literally play for years and still keep discovering more - you will not be disappointed!

Mud Theme: Fantasy/Medieval

Client Recommendation: Extensive use of MSDP via tintin++ with a custom environment (extremely useful for blind mudders)

Additional Noted Features:

  • Bloodlines to extend character lineages or share with friends
  • Paragon mode - high risk, but benefits all characters on your account and unlocks achievements
  • Extensive ability to customize interface, colors, auto-settings, etc.
  • Combat is outstanding, ranged weapons and spells, mounts with gear, not overly complex - just smooth and fun

Kallisti MUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Bouffon the Barbarian Dwarf
Posted on Fri Feb 26 10:18:59 2016 / 0 comments
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Kallisti has the features you expect in an evolved Dikumud, like automated quests, pets to assist with fighting, and a PvP arena. And there are others you might not expect. The mud is remarkably transparent, allowing players simply to `examine’ weapons and gear in order to gain `identify’ information. And Kalli isn’t so single-mindedly devoted to levelling, since it is equally important to enhance the stats you rolled at character creation, by visiting a Meta Shop and buying additional strength, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, charisma, luck, hitpoints, mana, and stamina. Levelling and enhancement of stats takes time, xp, and coin, but the improvements in your character are gratifying. An array of interesting skills gradually opens up, even for a barbarian like me who relies mainly on strength and constitution. By selecting skills you mould your character. Mine for example depends on `deathstroke’, for dealing damage, and `grapple’, a skill that puts a foe to sleep. I’ve also started a necromancer, which relies on orchestrating minions to make up for its poor strength and constitution. I’ve been told that this is a very good class for solo players. There are many such classes to choose from, and many races as well.

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Review posted by Eridanus
Posted on Thu May 26 21:33:40 2005 / 0 comments
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Founded in 1992, Kallisti MUD boasts an exciting and unique world with over 12,500+ rooms to explore. Characters enjoy the opportunity to play up to 8 base classes, and 4 remort classes. There are 60+ levels that can be attained, including nobility levels and legendary levels. Once you have reached the level of a legend, the challenge does not end there. You can continue to improve your character by creating bloodlines or continuing to use the unique Meta system to increase your stats.

The potential growth of your character is limited only by the players time and effort. There are also many clans and cabals to join, each one having their own history and disposition. If none of the pre-existing clans suits you, you can create a new one and become the leader of your own clan. Whether you are out to make a name for yourself as a clan leader, a fierce warrior, a nefarious demoniac, or a powerful prophet, the adventure that awaits you at Kallisti will keep you coming back for more.

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Review posted by Vox Populi
Posted on Wed Mar 24 20:50:58 2004 / 0 comments
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Regrettably, I have to echo some of the other reviewers here. The mud itself is fantastic; many unique areas, lots of classes and skills to have fun with, the legend and noble system. But the administration is at best, inconsistent. Rules are not enforced for many, many months, then all of a sudden someone takes an interest. Usually spurred by a friend getting insulted, pkilled, whatever and then the iron fist comes out only to be put back away again after a short time. The frustrating lack of consistency and administration is driving many good players away, mostly to the 'other kallisti', which does not have these sorts of problems.


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