The Game: Intrepid is a 100% original area world hand-crafted with loving detail in its environment, objects, creatures, and narrative by long-time MUD worldcrafter Osien, AKA Draconar, who began his work in mastering the SMAUG codebase in the nineties on Realms of Despair, Wyrms of Vevax, and Eternal Struggle. With a B.A. in English literature, Osien has a profound love for the written word and has spent years independently building Atleah inspired by the descriptive talents of Tolkien, the character-centrism and epic conflict of Robert Jordan, and the clever, adult intrigue of George R.R. Martin. Intrepid is a setting for deep and involved role-play, lasting relationships, and epic adventures where players can, via role-playing and GM support, do everything from assassinate kings to rally armies, acquire custom homes and fortresses, attain infinite power, start guilds and clans populated by players and NPCs alike, and take part in the grand story Osien foresaw when he first started working on Intrepid many years ago.

Mechanics: Intrepid puts role-playing first, but holds true to a well-balanced, 50 level player progression system filled with skill and spell acquisition, loot collection, and world exploration. The world itself is expansive, but a Diablo-inspired deeper-as-you-go-harder-it-gets dungeon was introduced to challenge hardcore gamers looking to not only test their might as they level up, but to solve complex puzzles meant to measure a player and reward them with player progression. Role-play is strictly enforced when players encounter each other (unless they mutually agree that the meeting is out of character). This setting is 18+ and may contain adult content, including descriptions of a violent and sexual nature.

The World: An age has passed since the Clearing, that ancient and world-changing event which resulted in hordes of slavering demons crossing into the material realm of Atleah from the parallel plane of Vutari, the Demon Realm, and the slaughter of mankind at the hands of the Sentinels, the four chief demons that conspired to strike down their own Creator and lay claim to Atleah. Since then, nations have risen under the banners of heroes that drove those demons back to Vutari, and the Sentinels and demons have fallen into myth over thousands of years. Today, Atleah has not forgotten conflict. Instead of fighting demons, the peoples of Atleah, humans, elves, dark elves, dwarves, orcs, Merfolk, and countless other races have taken their quarrels to one another, invading and fighting for the territories of the Nine Nations. At the heart of this is the Nation of Bath, taken under the cross-seas naval conquest of the Trent Empire, and its capitol city, Nautilus. Here, at the height of rebellion, where witches and warriors are strung from the city wall for their crimes against Imperial Law, the seed of an ancient evil grows, watered by the blood running over the cobbled streets and into the dark below. Step forth from the land of your racial origin, journey forth to Montour Keep and the nearby city of Nautilus, and discover friendship, heroism, and the calling of your own heart!

Mud Theme: Dark/Medieval Fantasy

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