Aetolia, the Midnight Age
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- Aetolia is a huge and totally original world, with no stock code or stock areas whatsoever. We have thousands of rooms, and hundreds of unique abilities in dozens of complex skillsets. Examples of our player classes include the supernatural Vampires, who use the mystical power of Blood to form their bodies into lethal weapons, alter the minds of mortals, or raise foul undead slaves; or the brave Sentinels, fighting to defend their forestal homes with their ability to shapechange into ferocious creatures, their cunning use of deadly traps, and their rapport with natural animals and plants. - Within Aetolia, you'll find hundreds of imaginative quests and NPCs, as well as developed political and economic systems. We have innumerable unique features, ranging from what has been called the finest player vs. player combat system in existence, to a realistic weather system, to lucrative trade skills, to endless opportunities for roleplay in the intricate struggles that take place daily within the land.

Mud Theme: Dark fantasy

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