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The Gardens of Lunara were a sanctuary for generations and the earth was nearly forgotten. But Onelak's work was not lost, and Alara managed to pick up where he left off. Now, the elemental sprites have returned to the world with Freya's blessing, infusing it with life and seeding it with energy to restore it to its former beauty!

But the forces of darkness have not been entirely eliminated. Many are still bolstered in their infernal city of evil and undeath, plotting and scheming with their Fomori leader, Elatha, a pawn of the Dark Lord, Balor to retake the earth and once again turn it into a barren wasteland.

================================================== The Fairy Garden MUSH: A place to explore, hang out, meet people, and develop a mystical character in a faerie-type environment. Pick from 12 races and develop your character with any intensity of roleplaying. Here, you can be that flittery, glittery sprite, or a powerful Fomorian of ancient Gaelic and Celtic lore. Play as a wandering soul, an undead vampire, or the spirit of a tree.

Beautifully-detailed grid of 35+ areas and player housing available on request. Register either via email or in-game with one of the five available guest players.

=== 4 Classes of 12 Total Races === - Elemental: Fairy, Naiad, Dryad - Furry: Metamorph, Anthro, Theriolyph - Lepidran: Dragon, Daemon, Naga - Undead: Lich, Sluagh, Vampire

Currently there is no system for formal PK, though factions wishing to engage in more violent scenes may do so within the limits of roleplay, and if a wizard deems it worthwhile, it may affect the world in a more permanent way.

In-game or email registration is required to create a character. Registration is automated, but all requests are processed manually, and as such may take a day or two to complete. Though there is not a huge need for an admin base, those folks who turn out to be solid, dedicated players may receive personal invitations of this nature.

((NOTE: This MUSH does allow sexually explicit content and play, and thus has been branded as Adult-oriented. However, this behavior is expected to be kept in private or designated areas, and advertising your character with this focus in mind is discouraged.))

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Client Recommendation: Developed from MUSHClient

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