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The labyrinth which you find yourself trapped in is dark. It's impossible to tell the different pathways from each other, and all attempts to retrace your own steps have failed. You are hopelessly lost.

But... is that a faint glow in the distance? You haven't noticed that light before, perhaps it leads to the outside! Your heart leaps as you quickly stride toward its source, your mind so focused on the distant light that you fail to notice the claw marks and patches of scorched blackness on the surrounding walls.

Finally you find yourself in a large cave, and at last you see the source of the light, the flaming maw of a dragon! You try to flee, but panic seizes you, and your feet freeze in their tracks. In what seems like an eternity to your racing mind, the dragon lowers its massive and scaly head and crushes you in its powerful jaws!

You fall into the arms of a tall powerful woman, dressed in a sparkling suit of full armour, and wearing her long hair in twin braids down her back. She cradles you in her arms like you were a child and whispers, "Fear not, warrior. I am a Valkyrie, sent by the gods to take you to..." VALHALLA The MUD, from the programmers who created the original DIKU MUD and now maintained by Whistler. * A fully automated "Newbie Guide", for those completely new to MUDs, or just wanting a little bit of a helping hand to start.

* All your old favorite zones (like Tiamat and Isle of the Dead) along with many brand new ones!

* Hundreds of interactive quests.

* And, of course, Valhalla, where the slain adventurer may rest in peace.... The books of history are not yet closed, Adventurer... Make the journey now!

Valhalla MUD is the home of the developers of the Valhalla MUD Engine (VME),(diku II)derivitive. There are well over 200 automated quests that require from a few minutes to several months to complete. Char descriptions, body parts, communication channels, color and prompts are customizable. Over 13000 rooms and growing still (some of which we offer with the VME release).

So come visit Valhalla MUD and have fun, make new friends and look out for the dragons!.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Valhalla MUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Agarwaen Gix
Posted on Wed Oct 24 07:31:37 2012 / 0 comments
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Are you the fearless warrior, strong and well schooled in the arts of war? Or perhaps you are more knight of principle, skilled with blades and granted spells by the gods? Perhaps even one of the wandering preachers of those same gods, using your powers to further their aims through you? Maybe the path of the wizard calls you with soft whispers of the control of the primal energies of the universe? Or are you the silent and deadly fingersmith, who takes what they need and are gone before the victim ever suspects?

There is a place where all these archetypes exist, a massive world full of creatures both real and imagined, populated by eleven player-character races and countless others from the Mighty Thor and his nemesis the World Snake to young children running and playing in the many towns and villages. A world with quests and puzzles as numerous as the stars in the night sky, and of many different types, skill levels and length of time to complete, from simple fetch quests to multi-part quests to riddle and ValhallaMUD trivia quests. A world with it's own unique society of hardcore players who do not remain aloof and ignore new players, but welcome them and help them to get themselves going in hopes of having another join their ranks. Valhalla also encourages role playing your character, though it is by no means mandatory, and also allows any level of commitment to role playing. Currently in Valhalla we have a paladin fallen from grace, an insane sea elf who is the last of her kind, an archmage who battles for control of himself with a demon, a half- angel/half demon bard, and even the classic dark knight that everyone loves to hate.

I have many stories of experiences with other players in Valhalla, from hilarious tales of efforts to save a woman from the vile predations of an evil man that went horribly wrong, ending with someone else's wedding being interrupted, to the warrior mercenary who almost seems to have a knack for choosing the same character to attack everytime, to the duel with a high powered player-slayer where when just as it seemed I will beat him, into the room comes Nikolai the Ancient, a vampire of immense strength, and kills us both. My personal favorite is my one story of my first meeting with the Midgaard Serpent. I had just crossed my personal best in levels and I decided I wanted to see the single hardest and strongst monster. I asked my Clan Master and Lord to show me just how tough 'one little snake' was, so they did. To make a long story short, the Serpent was not so little! We were almost drowned when it caused a tidal wave from the movement of its gargantuan head turning to look at us. The Serpent then decided it was snack time, and picked us off one by one.

Valhalla's admins are also dedicated and hard working people who, though they stick to the policies of non-interference, are not invisible entities, but interract with the players. I personally have done almost everything from teasing them on occasion, to participating in meetings to improve the MUD, to attacking them to see how hard an Immortal is in combat. The admins are knowledgeable, friendly, and react quickly to game-related problems players have. Valhalla does have rules of conduct which they enforce fairly on a case by case basis, and regardless of your level or status within the MUD.

All this and so much more wait for you at, port 4242. Come on in and see for yourselves, and in no time you will find yourself hacking, slashing, spell casting, questing, and getting 'into character' like an old pro, but will never run out of things to do. I promise you won't regret it.

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Review posted by Issa
Posted on Wed Mar 9 19:02:43 2011 / 0 comments
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When I started playing Valhalla mud, it struck me as being unique and enticing due to the level of dedication the players, builders, and admin put into it.

That was over 15 years ago now, and I can still be found playing regularly at 4242.

Whether its developing OLQs to spice up a special holiday or lonely evening, adding constantly to the huge number of zones, or just being around to help with problems the admins are very engaged, which helps make the mud enjoyable.

I especially like the level of quality that they enforce for new zones and builders as they come. The result is zones with extremely unique environments, equipment, and experiences. There is always a story to be told in a zone, as builders are required to provide a backstory before they can embark on a new zone.

One final aspect that makes Valhalla my favorite mud, is the depth of experiences and paths that can be endeavored upon. With their guildpath system, characters are funneled into paths that provide a significant amount of difference in play style and equipment required. This leads to diverse groups being valued to quest and grind XP.

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Review posted by bluephenix
Posted on Wed Feb 16 21:44:33 2011 / 0 comments
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I've been playing valhalla for around 5 years now, but i'm new to the TMC community so i wanted to just post a review that will outline what i generally think about my favorite MUD.

To describe Valhalla in one word would be malleable. Valhalla is a MuD who's staff put great effort in putting the interactive world into the player's palm. You end up having the choice to play the way you like. i've seen a decent amount of variety in the world's player base. Everything from full time rp, to players just dedicating themselves to impossible xp runs that last hours.

With the amount of freedom, it's a wonder how the staff manage to increase the number of areas, items, equipment, quests and other treats, including yet to be discovered teachers of hidden magics and skills. Over these 5 years, i've found valhalla can hit the right balance between starting off simple and becoming more fun as it pile drives the new stuff into you. A good example being weather effected spells like solar flare.

All in all port 4242 is ruling the list of how many ways to kill a dragon.

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Review posted by Ninex
Posted on Thu Feb 10 21:49:17 2011 / 0 comments
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I started playing Valhalla back in high school back in 98. I tried leaving for a while, but it was a second home you just can't escape from. The players were friendly and helpful when I was a level 1 newbie and even now as the 4th highest level player at 8851 and going.

A staff of players that help guide new players and even a fully automated guide to help you get started, it's an easy game to get started and an even easier game to get addicted to.

The world is constantly growing and changing, with so many new quests that I cant keep up with. Monthly competitions and the occasional online quest and all sorts of fun things to keep anyone from getting bored.

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Review posted by Chris Norman
Posted on Wed Feb 9 19:02:10 2011 / 0 comments
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When I first started playing Valhalla MUD, I was loaded into a strange village, full or roaming city guards, janitors, and a mysterious Vampire called Nikolai, who would come from nowhere, and brutally murder the older players, and send me to a corridor above the village's pub, and leave me vulnerable to any attack! I was dressed in plane leather attire, with no special weapons, and no special skills. I was a newbie, in every sense of the word!

Through an automated newbie guide tour, which showed me the early commands, essential for getting me started in this new environment, through 35 levels of killing rabbits, badgers, smugglers and plants, and through many weird and wonderful landscapes, I wandered alone. I sailed in tall ships, and I clambered down cliffs, into huge basins made by cataclysmic earthquakes, that rocked the foundations of the world, and created entire new continents. I communed with witches, and I slogged my way through sewers, searching out lost and enchanted swords.

But through all of this lonely traveling, I started getting to know people. All of these people helped me in one way or another, there was no one who was not willing to stop by for even the most casual of pleasantries, and many of them gave me invaluable advice, or new equipment I could use to improve myself, or would point out quests where I could get it myself.

Once I had reached level 40 however, things began to change dramatically. No longer was I a new player, who couldn't join in the larger game, no longer was I destined to roam the lands, getting killed by might wolves, and roaming monsters. I could join other players, even enter their clans! I could go out into the wider world with them, and explore new lands and cities, find things, that no one else had found yet.

That was a long time ago now. I have gone through three different lives since then, shaping my characters into new and exciting forms. I have fought my way from the clouds of heaven it's self, to the very depths of hell, where things seen, and unseen thirst for blood! I have made friends, I have made enemies, and I have enjoyed absolutely every minute of it!

If you want to play in a friendly and fun environment, learn a multitude of spells, become a fierce and strong fighter, a wily thief, a quick fingered battle mage, or just a simple healer, it's all here. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can always become a builder, and help the MUD grow!

Valhalla has been round for a very long time, and with good reason. I have played many MUDs over the years, but they have all paled in comparison to Valhalla!

where things, are as fun as you make them! -- Zander, Cray, Corum and Geld. The Skillgannon brothers!

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Review posted by Sentrosi
Posted on Wed Sep 26 12:20:36 2012 / 1 comment
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Valhalla MUD, it has been my home since 1995, all the way back in High School. I'm an old mudder now, married, kids, a home, the whole nine yards. All through my life I have played Valhalla, sure I tried other muds, and some are cool but none ever captured my soul like Valhalla. I even spent some time running my own mud, but again returned to my home Valhalla.

Valhalla has been around since 1989, and some of the players have been playing since then. The entire world is so well made, everything works smoothly and Whistler the owner is always working at streamlining the code and adding new features. There is a great core of active builders and quality new zones come online every couple of months. The world of Valhalla is always growing, come be a part of it, you will find yourself playing years later and enjoying every minute of it.

The player guide system on Valhalla rocks, a core of Guides live for helping new players get used to the mud and its commands as well as the zones and areas to get players started, there is also a nice automated newbie tour that does some of the same. Most of the players are helpful and communicate well making everyone feel welcome. Valhalla has a fully functioning testmud, and a large core of builders who are always working together to build fun new areas for the players to have fun in, and to challenge those who look for that sort of thing.

Tons of quests for every skill level are spread throughout the mud giving those who love quests years of enjoyment, as well the new zones are always adding to the quest total so there is always something to work on even for the seasoned adventurer. Every now and then the admin hold an OLQ as well, for rare and rather limited items and rewards, something not to be missed :) Come try Valhalla, spend a week playing and getting to know the areas and players and I am sure you will agree, nothing is like Valhalla, it is home.

Sentrosi - Builder

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Comment posted on Wed Sep 26 02:20:06 2012 by Etna:

Thank you for taking the time to write a review of the game. I wanted to add that our builders come from our players. They are not rewarded with an Admin title, they gain little prestige, but they do it out of love for the game and the desire to improve it. So let me take this space to also thank you for making Valhalla a little better.

Review posted by Wolfe
Posted on Wed Mar 23 21:06:16 2011 / 1 comment
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A great old skool mud. It has been around for a long time, a great solid code.

It's one of the originals folks.

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Comment posted on Tue Mar 22 13:50:44 2011 by Etna:

Thanks for taking the time to stop into the mud and write a review on us. I hope you like what we have been adding.

Review posted by Trevor
Posted on Mon Apr 4 20:34:33 2011 / 1 comment
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Hello and greetings to all, my name is Trevor, but on Valhalla i am better known as Kuros The King of Valhalla (although the title was given to me by players not the admin :P) I have been a regualr player with the exception of some time off since September of 1992. I have been the owner of a clan, and i have been a Newbie Guide which is important in aiding new players in learning the skills needed to play the game. I have vast amounts of experience in playing this game, and i can honestly say that it is the best MUD i have ever played.

The Admin who own and run the game are fair, and i know for a fact they love Valhalla even more than i do. That is why the game has existed so long, and as long as he can continue to run it, Whistler(Admin) will keep the game online.

Valhalla has been like a second home for me, i can always go back to this place and visit my friends that i have known for many years. Everyone who knows me can tell you that if ever they lose my address or number in the real world, Valhalla will allow contact.

The game has a vast variety of areas to experience in, and a large quantity of quests for all players of all levels. There are New player areas to help get you started, and everyone who plays there is a friendly helpful sort that can aid and guide long as you are not too persistent :)

The game to me has never lost its flair for entertainment. Easy to make friends, and so long as you follow the simple guidelines listed, you will never encounter a problem. If you do happen to have a problem, it can be easily ficed by mudmailing or emailing one of the Admin. Simply translated: Valhalla is the Mud to Play!

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Comment posted on Fri Apr 1 12:45:52 2011 by Etna:

Thank you for taking the time to write a review for Valhalla. We appreciate any and all reviews our players publish here.

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