Rusted Promises
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Fortunes are changing for the nation of Sweetwater. A second shadow nest has been invaded and scattered. The siege of Cliffside has been repelled. It seems victory and peace are at hand.

A council meeting has a shadow pleading for sanctuary and citizenshipdespite the angry cries of those who would prefer blood to peace.

A strange vision rattles many to the core as an assembled device gives a new glimpse of the Creators. The shadows claim they only do as the Creators bid them, what could this mean. Have the beings of Promise fallen so far from grace that their gods would have them all destroyed? What were they apologizing for, the Creator that hung heavy with age, looking so sad and guilty. What have we done to displease our Creators?

Cults of the Old Ones grow outside the city, claiming that there are beings that are older than even the Creators, and wield more terrible power. Turning their back on their progenitors, they follow a path that seems even darker than the shadows they had just driven away.

The future seems uncertain at best. It's a time in need of heroes.

Join the story. 9630

Mud Theme: Furry Fantasy

Client Recommendation: Mushclient

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