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The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gives it birth comes again.

The Breaking of the World resulted in great cities laid to ruin, or obliterated from the earth. The seas had moved or boiled away. The population was a fraction of its former size. Mankind’s greatest works vanished, and humanity returned to a primitive existence. Many died because they could not endure the hardships of the new world in the chaos. The surviving Aes Sedai scattered the seven cuendillar seals that held the Bore shut, lest one of the maddened male Aes Sedai, or even one of the Shadowsworn, find them unprotected. Civilization fell to the most primitive nomadic levels, but over the next few hundred years all struggled to build small communities, then tribes, and eventually new styles of government from the ashes and rubble of their broken world. After the Breaking of the World it took almost two hundred years, but eventually nations emerged. Unfortunately, many of those sympathetic to the Dark One, as well as many of his creatures from the War of the Shadow, survive to prey upon the people of these nations. The Shadowspawn have retreated to the Blight, but the threat of their presence and that of the Friends of the Dark is very strong. Men who can touch the Source go insane in spectacular ways, a dire reminder that Shai’tan’s reach, even from the Bore, is one that poisons and destroys all who dare touch Saidin. No nation can stand alone against such threats. Ten nations have risen to stand against the Shadow, standing to protect people against the creatures of the Shadow. Culture and social graces begin to once again flourish after being ground into near extinction by the Breaking of the world that was brought on by Lews Therin Telamon and the Hundred Companions. Memories of the Age of Legendshave not been completely lost, and there is still hope that the glories of that past Age can still be recovered, and rebuilt. The White Tower leads the way from the newly finished White Tower, upon the Isle of Tar Valon. Each Ajah plays its part trying to reclaim forgotten Talents and the vast knowledge of the Power that is gone and may be centuries in rediscovery. The Aes Sedai are lead by Elisane Tishar, the Amyrlin Seat. Ten Nations have formed under the leadership of the strongest, smartest, and most daring people.

* Aelgar, ruled by King Remedan the Goldentongued * Almoren, ruled by King Coeris Nosar * Aramaelle, ruled by Queen Mabriam en Shareed * Aridhol, ruled by Queen Doreille Torghin * Coremanda, ruled by King Ladoman * Eharon, ruled by King Temanin * Essenia, ruled by First Lord Cristol * Jeramide, ruled by High Queen Egoridin * Manetheren, ruled by Queen Sorelle ay Marena * Safer, ruled by King Eawynd

So our Thread is woven into the Pattern.

So begins our journey of this Age.

The Wheel of Time turns.


* Absolutely free to pay, donations are not accepted or encouraged. * Staffed by professionals with decades of experience within the genre. * Actively coded with improvements made regularly. * Currently ending beta with fully playable core nation of 1,000 rooms. * Builders are always in recruitment. * Our Core Values and Mission Statement carry into everything we do.

Special thanks to Robert Jordan, without whom we'd all be without water and shade.

Mud Theme: Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time - Before the Breaking of the World

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