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First started in 1993 and opened to players in 1994 LooneyMUD is the original Saturday Morning Cartoons type themed MUD. We have parodies of Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, DC Comics and so forth. Players can find themselves on the shores of Gilligan's Island or trekking the streets of Sesame Street. The MUD still has its original and awesome guilds: Witches, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Stooges, Transformers and the ever colorful Animators guild.

LooneyMUD is super addictive and will promise hours of entertaining questing and playing for the adventurous player. There are some minor bugs being worked out with having been away for 10 years, but the game itself is still the same. Come on in and re-live your childhood =)

Mud Theme: Saturday Morning Cartoons and Pop Culture - the original awesome MUD ifrom the 90's is back online!

Client Recommendation: We have LOTS of color so get FUSSI or ANSI with it and a client that supports colors!

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