Welcome to the return of HexOnyx Mud: We are a CircleMUD [HexOnyx is heavily modified Circle3.]

We've been down for many years, but we've been back since March 22, 2014 along with many of the original players and implementors! You can read more about us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HexOnyx

Hexonyx is a multi-time (past, present and future layers each house enormously differing world layouts)hack and slash MUD replete with seven races and six classes. Hex is a multi-class MUD which allows for extensive character growth and ongoing challenges. The multiclass system allows players to build characters with a diverse mix of powers and strengths. Gentry level characters (the max level for mortals) can continue to grow and develop with skills available only at that level, which makes it possible to challenge more menacing mobs with fewer group members.

A very active building staff presents new areas in the past, present and future time zone with a fair amount of regularity. There's interactive questing run by a very creative quest staff, with quest points awarded that can be exchanged for rare quest equipment, or for the more naturally disaster-prone, corpse retrievals. Clans are available to those seeking like-minded buddies with who to MUD. Best of all, the vast majority of players are newbie-friendly and are only to glad to help new players. The MUD is very extensive, but has a low learning curve. Foul language is restricted to OOC, which can be turned off, for a very PG (but still exciting!) MUDding experience.

We hope to see you soon!

Mud Theme: Time Travel through Fantasy

Client Recommendation: telnet but many use clients: wintin, pueblo, blowtorch, mudlet. etc...

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Review posted by Albus
Posted on Mon Mar 26 12:18:43 2018 / 0 comments
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I love HexOnyx and have devoted so much time to it. I've also been an Implementor there for almost 20 years now, if you include our offline time.

Anything I'd write here is clearly going to be biased, but I'd like to direct you to an article written by our very own Guru, one of our original Implementors:

https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-i-learned-to-program-f196a5a8bfd3 We're back; alive and kicking! Stop by and say, 'Hi!' :)

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