Nilgiri, the Forgotten World


Many adventurers who just want a basic and fun MUD without all the hassle of having to learn too much have found a home at Nilgiri the Forgotten World.

Enter the mythopia of Nilgiri: a medieval fantasy world built into a neo-classic MUD engine. The Forgotten World and its immortals have a long history together since the dawn of DikuMUD in 1991. We have a unique perspective of online gaming that few other MUDs can claim.

Originally a DikuMUD class game based on Sequent code, Nilgiri has recently been completely rewritten from the bottom up to answer the difficult problems of an aging MUD world. We had to! We have been around over 20 years and we want to be around for a lot more.

Professional Software engineers by day and long time gamers by night, our Implementors and friendly staff are unequally qualified to tackle the challenge of the hum-drum hamster wheel of gaming, the sticky social issues of MUD, and the evolving problems of economics in order to build a fluid and organic world that will continue to grow, thrive, challenge and engage adventure seekers of all kinds for many generations.

If you are tired of games closing up shop, changing features too much, or games just too full of rules and politics then Nilgiri is the world for you.

Mud Theme: medieval fantasy

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Nilgiri, the Forgotten World Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Tir
Posted on Thu Mar 28 10:55:10 2013 / 0 comments
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There are two continents, together make up about 20,000 rooms. Characters learn from other characters, but the first skills are learned from immortals (staff). It is classless. PKing is allowed. But PKers are deleted. A few years ago there was a pwipe and a revamp of the codebase. I've reported several bugs, some haven't been fixed for years. In my experience, they lose track of bug reports. There is one coder, and two builders. The last area was built before the pwipe. Nilgiri has a facebook group. The leveling system is common - just kill mobs. This mud has an old-school feel to it, set in medieval/fantasy times, and a very heavy experience penalty for dying. Stop by, the few players on would love to play with you.

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Review posted by Note
Posted on Tue Feb 19 08:01:33 2013 / 2 comments
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I've played on Nilgiri on and off for about 14 to 15 years. It's always been an interesting and fun place to play and I find all roads lead back to it.

Interestingly the last time I showed up and I found a lot had changed. The old class based system had been replaced with a more dynamic skill based system. Combat had been adjusted to be more in line with this new systems. While this was all new and I didn't have the foggiest as to what I was doing the IMM staff and players quickly assisted me, explaining the system. While some things still have rough edges with the changes, they are being ironed out pretty well.

The implementer has been around during the entire existance of Nilgiri, he is active in the community and regular dialogue can be had about anything in game or out of game.

While the player base is smaller, we are a friendly group and will give assistance to new players whenever needed. If you're looking for fresh mud mechanics, friendly IMM/IMP staff and players then this is the mud for you.

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Comment posted on Sat Dec 8 00:42:25 2012 by Note:

While most people are pretty friendly, and for the most part it is an entertaining mud. There are a few rogue imm's who power trip and assault players for playing. While I'm sure it's terribly entertaining for them, it's not so much for the player they decide to focus on.

I will no longer be wondering this mud, if you do decide to play here I would suggest turning to Kenshin for help from the mortal side, and any IMM aside from Loki. My best guess is Loki is a child who lives in his parents basement and lives solely for the power he has acquired on a mud.

Comment posted on Mon Feb 18 11:30:54 2013 by Ahnissi:

Don't let Loki get you down, Note. The rest of us love you, and you are one of our biggest player assets. Not to mention, one of our best questers!

And to new players; Kenshin isn't around much anymore, but anyone else around would be more than happy to help you out. When you get on type 'who' and if you see the name Ahnissi, type 'beep ahnissi' and I'll get you started :)

Review posted by Ceruvil
Posted on Fri Oct 8 20:42:00 2010 / 1 comment
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Iíve been playing Nilgiri for about 6 years now. I was 12 when I first discovered it and now Iím 18, so Iíve pretty much grown up here. This is the first mud I played and one of the nobles at the time, Almari, made me feel very welcome and taught me everything I needed to know (including how to talk, you type say before the message btw!). Itís a small community and the people Iíve met over the years are pretty close to family. We have our problems every once in a while but thatís what makes it interesting. It is a very real social place, as well as a place to game.

The mud community is split into two separate continents. You have Jora, which is the original area and then you have Argoceania, which is newer than Jora (not that new, I started here!). I canít honestly say much about Jora, as I have never really played there. It has a lot of older players though and I believe it is quite a bit bigger and Argoceania is huge itself, so that must be a lot of area.

Unfortunately, not much has been added recently as Sin, the Implementor, is currently working on something really big. Hopefully, it will pick up soon though. There is a lot of history here which is also fun to uncover.

I know that I will never leave Nilgiri. Just come in and give it a try. Itís newbie friendly as well as a good place for veteran mudders. My name is Ceruvil and Iím a noble in Argoceania. I hope to see you soon! =)

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Comment posted on Thu Sep 9 13:29:59 2010 by Domadon:

This review is very accurate. I have been playing this MUD for over a decade now and as many times as I have gotten 'bored' or just tried getting away from MUD's in general I find myself migrating right back to this same game.

It is very addictive and makes it hard to ever play other games again as it is very original in the way everything is done, from the leveling/class system to the extensive justice system. This MUD is currently undergoing some MAJOR changes in preparation for the release of a new code basis so with the anticipation of these changes alot of the older, more seasoned players have dropped away while waiting for the new release. However, there is still a decent support system of Immortals and still a few of the higher level players around to help you out in a jam or get you started if you are new.

Come check it out, its worth the effort! P.S. (Jora is way better than Argoceania ;) )

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