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Open since 1993, WoTMUD IV, The Wheel of Time MUD is the most popular MUD based on the 'Wheel of Time' novels by Robert Jordan. 100% unique you'll find no stock zones, mobs or features anywhere here. Our game philosophy is to leave the choice of the type of game that you wish to play up to you: we're a good old-fashioned mud with as few rules as is reasonably possible.

o We have Robert Jordan's personal permission to run a MUD with this theme. o For pkillers, The Wheel of Time MUD is set amidst a three-way race war, each race having its own defined 'homeland' and boundary. o For the explorer, The Wheel of Time MUD has more than 350 zones each checked for accuracy against the books. No stock here at all. o For roleplayers, The Wheel of Time MUD's 50+ clans includes almost every faction that you would expect to find in the books. o For socialisers, The Wheel of Time MUD is a large, busy & talkative mud, which peaks at more than 70 people connected! o For adventurers, The Wheel of Time MUD has different topical quests for every clan with large global quests determining the fate of the world.

To let others speak for us:

o The Wheel of Time has been a Mud Connector 'Mud of the Month' o 'The Bee's Knees' (games.com), o 'The Internet at it's best' (freelaunch.com) o 'A Killer World' (about.com) o 'A Must See' (wheeloftime.org). o 'If you are interested in Role Playing and the Wheel of Time, then The Wheel of Time mud is definitely a place you should check out.' (dragonmount.com)

Mud Theme: Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books

Wheel of Time Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Player X
Posted on Fri Feb 1 11:03:24 2013 / 0 comments
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I have played at WoT for a very long time. I love the place. The atmosphere is rich, and the people are friendly. Numbers have dropped over the years yet we are still in the top 10 MUDS. Nowadays, I understand that's not really that huge of an accomplishment.

Back in 'the glory days', there would be 200 people online at any given time, split between the 3 races. Now, we're happy to get around 50.

In my personal opinion, I blame one person: Vivienne. She is a staff member at WoT and, simply because she has outlasted every other Immortal, has claimed carte blanche on the Wheel of Time, and will 'do as she sees fit.' An unfortunate direct quote. I can't tell you one person on the game who actually likes her, but if anybody speaks out against her, you are threatened with a site ban or we're told, 'Well, we don't have to run the game at all... you don't -have- to have a game to play.'

Absolute tyranny at its finest. I listed my name as Player X because if I were to be found out, I'm sure I'd be banned.

The game is awesome. As far as MUDS go, WoT is seriously THE (one of the) best. Quests, clans, helpful playerbase... I've been here 14 years and it's the only MUD I've cared to ever play, or will play. The others are just silly or too challenging, imo. If you can look past a tyrant at the helm, then this is the place for you. (It's really not that hard to just ignore her, she's ludicrous and power hungry, if you're just playing as a casual player, you may never notice her.)

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Review posted by Vertas
Posted on Thu Jul 10 20:32:37 2008 / 1 comment
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I started playing WoTMUD back in 2001 and was immediately impressed by the way I was immersed in the world and community right away. A lot of muds can make it difficult for new players to feel like they're a part of the community, but here it seems to happen within a few hours of logging on.

The people are generally very friendly and willing to answer questions and help people out with exp and equipment when they need it.

The pk is also very good. I've never taken a huge role in pk but I did enjoy it when I did it. And it keeps you on your toes too. You never know when you're going to run into a rampaging trolloc, fade or darkfriend.

I just recently came back to the mud after a 7+ year absence and it was like I never left. There seem to plenty of new additions though that make things easier to get started, but the community was like I never missed a beat. There are even a number of old names I remember which shows that the end game content on this mud is good enough to keep players playing it for at least 7 years.

All in all WoTMUD is probably the best all around mud I've ever played. It's got rp, good PvE and exciting PvE plus a community that is active around the clock.

I give it a 10/10 Vertas

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Comment posted on Wed Jul 2 06:12:47 2008 by Dorgo:

I have to pretty much agree completely. I started back in the late 90's when the pbase/map was much smaller. It was something to do to kill time. Or so I thought. It became a fascinating place where I wasn't me, I was a clanned warrior fighting for Queen and Country. Or I could change sides and become a fearsome Trolloc. Or, now, a Seanchan Wow! I have the chance to playact and kill things? I'm in.

There is constant interaction between the races, sometimes small skirmishes between 2 players, others massive engagements involving 30+ players. That'll get your blood pumping and your hands shaking like nothing else. Into quests? There are hundreds of them. General quests for the entire race, specific quests for individual clans, and occassionally rather large and involved quests involving the entire playerbase.

In short if you're looking for an exciting adventure that offers challenges of increasing difficulty, unrestricted player killing, a rich and detailed custom created and as true to the books as possible world, character advancement and age based character improvements stop by The Wheel of Time. WotMud for short.

Review posted by Murn
Posted on Fri Mar 21 20:52:30 2008 / 0 comments
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I have been playing this game for close to 10 years now together with hundreds of other players and I have to say...I'm really bored with it finally... 10 years later I finally cant stand it anymore.

Wheel of Time mud is by far the most addictive, entertaining and stimulating game that I have played in my entire life. Exploring, playerkilling, heavy character development, strong community and in general, friendly attitude all in one place.

Dont get confused though, this isnt a place filled with only friendly hobbits. People wont immediately jump to your assistance and at start you are on your own 90% of the time. You have thieves, murderers, trollocs and seanchan that have a tendency to send raids deep into human territories from their homelands and kill everything in sight, or at least try to.

Gain some experience and start equipping yourself with the sharpest weapons you can find. Kill everything from cute deer for meat and experience to Shadowmaulers, predators, giant horned lizards and darkhounds to increase in level. Join a clan and explore the forests and its secrets or gear up and go to war with an opposing faction for control over a territory.

Be a murderer, thief, cityguard that hunts them, or join together in armies and protect the world from the constant threat from the dark lands in the north. The only thing that restricts you in what you choose to do or who you want to be is your own fantasy. Thats what makes this mud so great.

You will probably get tired of the game from time to time, frustrated and quit. However, like 99% of the players that leave, you are bound to return once you calm down and you feel a bit bored and try something new, to see some old friends that you have made there or to finish that quest that you always wanted to do.

I have had my good and bad experiences from this mud, but overall I have to say its a great place to be, a world of dreams that feels very real from time to time.

Give it a try... if you like it, you have years and years of fun ahead of you...


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Review posted by Vaghla
Posted on Fri Mar 21 20:48:51 2008 / 0 comments
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Wow, where do I start. I've played this game for quite awhile now (since 2001). When I first started, I didn't know anything about what I was doing, and spent 30 minutes typing nonsense. Fast forward another 6 months, I log on again, and this time when I ask for help in understanding how to clan into the White Tower (my first clan) and leveling in general, there were a lot of people around to assist. I've been hooked ever since then, really.

I'd say my experience at WoT is pretty up there...I've managed to become a high ranking member of a secret clan, and done some other fun/cool stuff that probably wouldn't make much sense to someone that doesn't play the game (soloed IoMM, helped bring new eq into the game, rp'd a darkfriend, etc...) All I can say is this game is awesome...heck, I've been playing for more than 7 years and really don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

The high points of this MUD I think are: 1. The camradarie (whether you're here for pk, or rp, or just to learn more about the Wheel of Time in general, there's probably a clan devoted to it)

2. The pk (I primarily played channelers because I think they're just more interesting than other classes, so this is from the point of view of a channeler...the channeling system on WOTMUD is by far the most accurate and precise I've ever come across in any mud. I've yet to find anything remotely close to it. And the pk is just FUN. It'll leave you screaming at your computer screen at how intense it is)

3. The rp (The Watchers, a specific group of Immortals, are in the background of the game, always ready to rp with people, or reward RP sessions. Now, don't be surprised..WOT RP goes far beyond cookie-cutter stuff...we've got Ajah Sitters that routinely bite each other in public, then make deals in private, Whitecloak darkfriends, Dreadlords and fades that visit the depths of the Tower itself in order to have meetings with their recruits..)

Just give the game a try..I'm sure in another 5 years or so, you'll be singing its praises too :)

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Review posted by Cynthia (chacacter name)
Posted on Wed Mar 19 20:30:14 2008 / 0 comments
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I've never played an online game with such a dynamic playerbase before. Everyone is so helpful, nice and personable, that it made learning this complex strategic (and slightly intimidating) WOT mud so easy and fun. I've involved several of my friends who aren't even Robert Jordan fans, and they all -love- the mud.

It's a well constructed mud that is true to the Wheel of Time series, amazingly intricate, run by amazingly involved and supportive immortals, well built, and pervasively fun. If you're looking for a mud, be it for RP or PK, this is the -only- mud you'll ever need again.

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Review posted by Blyster
Posted on Fri Feb 22 20:55:36 2008 / 0 comments
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While not the friendliest place on the mud, if you are a newb that is; it is the most exciting. Once you get the hang of running round with a bunch of crazy mudders it gets quite stimulating.

The rp rocks and the peeps who are online are helpful most of the time. Masters are always imping new stuff and usually listen to players with original and good ideas. Definitely follows the idea that Mage Jordan left us all. Peace and hairy hugs and kickses. Bly

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Review posted by dave2003
Posted on Sun Dec 16 21:38:08 2007 / 0 comments
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Absolutely phenomenal. Takes the heart and soul of the series and let's it take on a life of its own. Amazing attention to detail, a few fun surprises here and there, and very active involvement by the staff.

Great opportunities for all of PK, RP, and just generally socializing (in fact there's entire sub-cultures within the MUD for this).

I wish I'd known about this in college... well... at least, I wish I had, even if it would have meant I might not have passed all my classes ;).

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Review posted by chris
Posted on Sat Nov 17 20:17:21 2007 / 0 comments
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I originally started the game as a method to just enjoy time away from my regular life. The whole text based game deal was a bit new and it felt strange at first to interact real time with a book. For that is what it was and still is to me. The book of Wheel of Time: Interaction version.

Most games just get played and fall through after i finish it. Yet while not near enought to completion i am still playing after 2 years. That says a lot for my life as i have zero staying power when it comes to games.

Friends and enemies ebb. The changing tides of the Wheel of time will have you come back for more and more. It's fun and you can enjoy playing wheel of time. As for myself and others, i constantly tell them about the game and how they can get here. Later all.

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Review posted by Macolia
Posted on Sun Oct 28 21:27:22 2007 / 0 comments
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The Wheel of Time Mud is outstanding to say the least. It has lots to offer in respect to large zones for exploring, and a large playerbase PKing and RPing all the time.

This is my first experience mudding and everyone is great. I've not had a lack of help yet when I needed it, from learning better RP, to that first full body racking, nervous, shaking, grip of fear of a trolloc coming down on you, and needing to re-equip afterwards. I truly enjoyed the style and gameplay and i'm sure you will too. Come check us out and see if we can't help you enter a whole new world of the Wheel.

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Review posted by Dagam
Posted on Sun Aug 19 21:07:24 2007 / 0 comments
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WOTmud is huge and has a great deal to explore, faithfully recreates the Wheel of Time world, and offers a good deal of support for those who like PVP. New players should be warned however that wotmud is one of the few muds that still has you roll stats and this greatly impacts your character's potential. It could take tens of hours to get a character with decent stats, and hundreds for great stats. For example, a warrior with bad constitution could be 250 hp while a good con warrior can be 400+; the variance is huge and the same goes for all the other stats.

Leveling is fairly lengthy and grinding, and accumulating good equipment is a matter of patience with killing challenging mobiles for a chance at loading something. Players who particularly excel at player killing and play very frequently can gain incredible perks that allow them to take on two, three or more moderately skilled players at a time (i.e. myrddraal), tilting the playing field even more in favor of skilled players.

Some of the playerbase can be elitist and take the game very seriously, even to the point of lording it over others. Although wotmud isn't very fun to play, and often feels more like work and/or tedium, it recreates the Wheel of Time world very well in the breadth of zones, from Fal Dara to the Spine of the World to Tanchico. If you stick at it long enough, who knows, you may find some aspects of it you like.

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Review posted by Barf Dader
Posted on Sun Aug 12 20:40:09 2007 / 0 comments
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I only started mudding because I was writing for a game dev magazine at the time and we were looking into why muds are increasing playerbases, not losing them.

This was my first mud and is still the best. It was also my introduction to the Wheel of Time series, which I had never read. It is the only themed mud I've found that sticks to its roots well enough that there was really no discontinuity for me when I started reading the books. Honestly, as the series drags on, the mud is much more entertaining.

As a game reviewer and dev critic, I've played just about everything to be had out there and in absolute honesty, WoTMUD has the best PK/PVP environment I've ever encountered. Super fast paced, extremely skill-based and very flexible. A very indepth, violent and usually fairly comic experience.

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Review posted by Teak
Posted on Mon Jan 15 19:51:00 2007 / 0 comments
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Best mud ever for pk. The pk system is unsurpassed. The detail is outstanding, over 20,000 rooms with unique descriptions.

Unfortunately, there is a glut of 'middle imms' who think that the mud is there for their own personal usage and anyone who disagrees should be banned. Dont' get me wrong, some imms, such as Nass, Doyn, Tamarlyn are fantastic. Unfortunately you have other imms who have their pet forum moderators( who are anonymous), and they have ruined this mud. Having an opinion is considered heresy in their minds, and this imm, with her little minion moderators have managed to ostracise a lot of the players who helped make this mud the great place it used to be.

In short, the mud is the best you'll ever play. However, certain immortals and their anonymous lapdog forum moderators will make you hate the place.

Mud - 10/10 PK - 10/10 Design - 10/10 Staff - deserve 10/10 but due to the minority they get a 1/10.

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Review posted by Serian
Posted on Mon Apr 10 20:09:56 2006 / 0 comments
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Quite simply the best out there. This is a great MUD with everything you'd want and completely free. Try it out for a couple of weeks and you'll love it too. As they say, no one can ever quit.

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Review posted by Jenkin
Posted on Thu Mar 2 20:23:06 2006 / 0 comments
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As a longtime player of this game, I feel that it is my duty to give a straightforward review of the Wheel of Time MUD for the mudding community. I’ve been in many MUDs over the years, and even if I stop playing for a little while I always come back because this truly is the best MUD of its class and genre.

If I had to summarize Wotmud in one word, I would choose “intense”. From the moment you login to the moment you rent you are fighting for survival. This game is all about good versus evil, and heroes of all shapes and sizes fight for their cause (or themselves) to succeed in the ultimate race to see who will accrue the most points toward the Final Battle. Conflict rages across the world as three groups vie for dominance of the map. No matter where they are, no player is exempt from the brutal reality of war. Your life is in your own hands.

As can be gathered, much of our fun can be had fighting, and this is indeed an excellent player-killing MUD. Instead of stock characters who fight on supposedly level fields in a very boring two-bit way this game promotes the best shot at realism I have yet to see with its many unique features, most definitely the character creation and development systems.

Instead of stock classes who have set skills they can practice with their trainable and therefore controllable mental stats, the MUD rolls you set and unchangeable values that you play with for your entire character life. Every character can roll a random set of values that they can keep or restat (our version of rerolling, which is unique because it can only happen after a lot of work on that players part). While it may seem difficult to start this way, the process of earning the best stats is often the most effective introduction to the game you could ever have, and best of all you’ve earned it for yourself with your own hard work. This type of effort can be very empowering despite the difficulty.

The character development system is also completely unique: even though there are classes, all classes can practice all the skills except the channeling weaves, which only someone from that class can use (which is a book supported exclusive talent). Therefore, when it comes to these skills, you can customize your character as you choose without coded class restrictions that you might find in stock MUDs.

As far as strategy is concerned, the game is extremely realistic. There are pros and cons to every character setup you can imagine, and there are tiers of development for each character that might seem simple on the surface, yet might take years of regular playing time to achieve. The whole game is masterfully designed and includes systems within systems to ensure a continual challenge for the players (and staff!). In my experience, this kind of ingenious challenge is one of the main reasons the game retains its many longtime players (even a few who have played ten years or more). In addition, there are many, many rooms on the map and every room is unblemished with stock; instead it is 100% original and written by a talented member of the building team. Every area has secrets, advantages, traps, choke points, watch rooms, and other goodies to keep gameplay interesting throughout every area of the map. Therefore no matter where you are, you know fun is somewhere around the corner.

To touch on roleplay briefly, there are many, many options in that area. Point of fact, no playerkilling system can exist without its roleplay infrastructure. After all, this is a book-themed MUD that after all these years has remained true to the author’s vision. Every character can choose to roleplay in a clan, or singularly, but it is only through roleplaying in a clan that most of the playerkilling bonuses and special abilities can be earned. Even the most pk oriented clans must roleplay their characters to the standard or they lose their seat therein. No holds barred, this game is strict on its players in the roleplay department. In fact, under the surface of an awesome war environment blossoms the growing bud of intrigue. Many clans on the same side hold disfavor, or alliance, with others clans, and this creates a very realistic environment. This environment can really immerse you (often in just minutes of login) and I’m always busy trying to achieve my goals (even after so long playing here). This game is very multidimensional.

As for the environment, it is positive and well regulated. Many make longterm friendships, find partners, or meet up in a nearby region. There is even player apparel you can purchase to wear at such events. Players are free to report discourtesy on the web boards and in person, and NO harassment or misconduct to others is tolerated. Players can feel secure knowing that those who violate the conduct of a “houseguest” will be escorted out of the 'house', sometimes never to return. Just as your life is in your own hands, so is your character. Just like any MMORPG, the game attracts many types of individuals and the great majority of the time the staff handles all disputes efficiently and quickly. Rarely, players are allowed to return after being asked to leave the game, which demonstrates that the staff has a soft spot for the players, despite the hard rules.

In summary, the game is beyond par, and has been made with much love and care. I would highly recommend it to the experienced and the new mudder alike, but I’ll warn you, be prepared for challenge, and most probably, addiction.


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Review posted by Leyton
Posted on Wed Dec 7 20:44:57 2005 / 0 comments
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WOT MUD is a fast paced adventure based on the Robert Jordan books with 3 races and 4 classes. This mud has something for just about everyone with massive zones to explore, intense player killing, and detailed roleplaying. All players can find enjoyment in this fantasy world.

It can be slow starting out but do not be discouraged. The game pages at www.wotmud.org have help forums and starting guides that make learning the game a snap, and most players are willing and eager to help a person new to the game. One look and i'm sure you will be hooked. So stop by and check us out.

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Review posted by Jason
Posted on Wed Aug 20 13:11:55 2003 / 0 comments
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I have been playing at Wotmud.org ever since 1997 off and on. I have tried other muds only to be disappointed by the EXTREME hand holding or huge massive amounts of items and skills which took longer to read than most of their help guides. Wotmud.org has a great website, great playerbase, and superb IMMs. The players always willing to help true newbies and the the zones great to explore.

If you like PK it's always around somewhere fast and furious, but if you only like the roleplay it's around also. Or you can do like me and try a mixture of both.

The IMMs have a great vision of where they would like to see this mud go and the rest of us are just gratefully along for the ride.

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