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So here is how it is: Earth got used up...

We found a new solar system and used terraforming technology and made hundreds of new earths. The central planets formed the Alliance, decided everyone should unite under their rule, a few people tried to stop them. After the war those that fought and lost, drifted to the edges away from the control of the Alliance...

Out on the Rim a Captain's goal was simple: Find a crew, Find a job, Keep flyin'.

We know you’ve heard these words a million times, and you still love them. However, we want to take the time to introduce something different to you. Serenity: The Mush is a text based role playing environment in which you can play almost any type of character you can imagine within the Serenity ‘verse.

So whether you have experience role playing online or not, we’d love to have you. All you need to bring is a desire to play and have fun...

Mud Theme: SciFi: Firefly, Serenity

Client Recommendation: Potatoe, MUSHClient, SimpleMU, MudRammer, Blowtorch, MukLuk, Telnet

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