The Last Outpost


"Three generations ago, The Empire was overrun. The Last Outpost, a small coastal trading community located deep in the wild, was spared from most of the fighting and survived. Life in the Outpost is not easy, and many of the finer things from the old Empire are absent. The residents of the Outpost are descended from the survivors of The Fall, a tough and adventurous breed. They are well suited to the task of reclaiming the land once tamed by their forefathers."

The Last Outpost has a large unique world, player elected clan membership, player regulated pvp, and a hands-off policy for gods. It is a mix of traditional hack-and-slash game play and quest driven exploration.

Along with exploring and advancing through the game world, The Last Outpost offers players the ability to lay claim to the zones that make up the land. Once claimed, a zone can be taxed, and the player making the claim gets to decide the player killing policy within the zone. Whoever claims the whole world is declared the Leader of the Last Outpost!

The game accepts both IPv4 and IPv6 connections, and has a built in shell-like CLI with arrow history, hotkeys, and tab completion. Connections made through the last-outpost web page are SSL encrypted for privacy. Additional mud client software is not required to play the game, but is supported.

Whether you enjoy hack 'n slash, following quests, PvP, NPK, playing in clans, or soloing, the Last Outpost has it.

Come slay with us!

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Client Recommendation:

Additional Noted Features:

  • Government of zones through political decisions.
  • Server side Hotkey settings for non-linemode clients.
  • Built in CLI, mud client not required.

The Last Outpost Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Josh Wilkins
Posted on Sun Mar 3 19:02:31 2013 / 0 comments
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I have been playing The Last Outpost on and off for 20 years of my life. The game has seen me through middle school, high school, college, marriage, grad school and children. It has outlived Ultima Online, Diablo 2, World of Warcraft, and countless console games. The Last Outpost has been a rock in my gaming career. This stability is the games biggest and best attributes. The Gods are calm and stable, the code is old and balanced and LOp will always respond when you fire up zmud or telenet even if it hasn’t seen your face in months or years.

Last Outpost has a zone claiming based PVP system so peaceful players are able to fight back and claim areas to adventure in NPK. This protects against a single or small number of players from ruling over the player base.

The Last Outpost equipment system has evolved from the mud’s unique long term long era player base. Once an item has been on a logged off character for a period of time that item is considered antique and will now respawn in the world so there is never any loss of equipment to seek in gameplay. Zones also reward random equipment drops based on character level not zone level which allows rewards for high level characters to enjoy all areas of the MUD not solely high level zones.

The Outpost has a character remort system that allows a max level player to choose to recreate his character resetting all levels to 0 in exchange for a small bonus in character creation.

So if you’re looking for MUD with stable unique code and systems that will be there with years to come please check out The Last Outpost.

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Review posted by John
Posted on Thu Jan 24 15:21:49 2013 / 1 comment
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The Last Outpost used to have three immortals, though there seems to have been only one for the last decade or so. That one tends to be active for short periods and then disappear for months at a time. When he does show up, he seems to spend more time harassing players than making the game more enjoyable. His lack of dependability has worsened to the point where he completely took the game down for a year. At this time he also wiped the player file, which he seems to do from time to time for no real benefit to the game.

The game world is not very large and, unlike stated in the description here, is not completely original. I've seen at least two of the zones also installed on other muds.

There are several other false statements in the description here:

Player killing is not restricted. There is no player killing, period.

I would hardly describe it as having an extended race or class selection. There are 6 races and 4 classes.

It is definitely not newbie friendly. Groups are extremely rare, and even more rarely include newbies. This is largely due to there generally being 0-4 players connected at any given time.

There is no level based equipment system. There are only restrictions based on alignment and class.

The lack of a player base can obviously be attributed somewhat to the dated code and small world, but the main problem is the administration. He encourages people to write new zones, and then after they spend large amounts of time writing and submitting them he doesn't even respond. I don't mean they just don't get used. He goes for years ignoring inquiries from the authors about the status. Eventually these people give up and go somewhere else. He is also very biased and inconsistent in his enforcement of rule violations. We've had a player completely abusing the no-botting rule and getting exp while afk for months on end. Nothing was done to that player. The game was changed instead. Meanwhile, a different player that didn't even have any triggers has been stripped of all his equipment for botting. We've had a player ignore the 'no foul language on public channels' rule, to the point of gossiping obscenities and racial slurs (the 'N' word, etc) at others, yet nothing was done to that player. Yet we've had a character completely purged because a higher level character was helping him level. Not only is 'pleveling' not against any rule, but this activity was a regular part of the game for years before and continues to be a regular part of the game to this day. The only difference was that the immortal that did the purging didn't like the player.

There is a subjective tone to this, which I find unavoidable in describing the game from a player's perspective. However, everything I've written here is factual.

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Comment posted on Thu Jan 24 14:05:00 2013 by Jason:

Please view John's review in the spirit that it was intended... Someone bitter and jaded because they were punished for cheating.

I will agree that the gods (or god since only one of the three is visibly active) arbitrarily enforce the rules depending on their mood and whether or not they like the player. As someone who was constantly on the wrong side of the gods for killing their mortal characters and friends, I have been unjustly jailed many times in my career here without breaking any rules. I viewed it as just one more challenge in a game filled with challenging features. In the past 10 years, the enforcement of rules has become much more relaxed and only people that have been caught flagrantly cheating have been punished.

Having played on a hundred or so different MUDs over the past 20+ years, I would say that this game has one of the largest playing areas, with an incredibly interesting layout and detailed descriptions. Back before graphical games like EQ and WoW I would marvel at the depth of description put into this particular game and every so often I turn off brief to read them. The zones are all completely original and were written specifically for this MUD. If you see them elsewhere, they were copied. I have written several areas for this game, but only one was implemented, and was changed quite a bit from the way it was written. The gods have their own vision of what they want the game to be like and thats just the way it is... and to be honest thats how it should be.

It is very odd that John says there is no player killing on this mud, considering I have been killing him here for the past 20 years until he quit. As of late, the player killing system has been changed and while it is harder to kill players, it is not too terribly difficult. Zones must be claimed (kill all mobs in a zone) into player killing zones and then they become FFA areas. All zones can be claimed so the player base determines which are safe zones and which are not.

There are 4 classes (Mage, Thief, Warrior, Cleric) and 6 races (Gnome, Ogre, Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Elf). Your overall stats are mainly based on your choice of class/race combo. However, you are technically all 4 classes as you can level up each class to 20 for a maximum of 80 levels. Your character will excel in the skills/spells of your native class while not being as good in the skills/spells of their non-classes. As you level, there are special quests built into the game that force you to explore the world and give decent rewards and experience. When you hit level 80, there is a quest that will allow you to remort. Remorting will allow you to pick a new race/class combo if you wish and you will get a bonus to your stats as you relevel back to 80. There are infinite remorts.

The game is definitely not newbie friendly as there is nothing stock for a new player to be familiar with. Any new character is viewed with suspicion as they are usually an alt or an old player returning. We just don't seem to get many 'true' newbies. If you have some decent MUD experience, you can pick up the gist of this game but the learning curve is kind of steep because of all the tricks and nuances that take time to learn. Because rarely anyone helps new players, it is a tough game to learn, and there is no attempt at a MUD school, new players usually quit sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, there are no level restricted items. I find the very concept to be stupid. As stated, there are class and alignment restrictions. I have suggested race restricted items, but that has not been implemented. Each item in the game is limited to a particular maximum so some items are truly unique and worth killing another player to get. Items wear down and break as you use them thus returning into circulation.

It is unfortunate that the player base is not larger here and there are usually not more than 1 or 2 people online at any given time. This game has a lot to offer in the way of content and history that is unrivaled anywhere elsewhere. Many times players from the past 20 years log in just to chat with old friends, but not to play. I would say this is because the game has evolved over time and people either do not like some of the changes as they take away the nostalgia or do not have the time to learn as they are now in their 30s/40s with wife, kids, job, etc.

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