The 7th Plane


The 7th Plane is a highly customized game, featuring a completely original world and mythos. The primary foci of the game are PvE and character building, with a heavy emphasis on crafting, but there are also options for PvP and RP. The general goal is to allow for PvE, RP and PvP to integrate together seamlessly. Some of the game’s more prominent features are listed below:

- Unique classes, with each having drastically different styles of progression and game play

- Massive, original world with spatially realistic layout, making it highly walkable

- NPCs that have complex and interesting behavioral routines, and few game mechanics to differentiate them from players

- Deeply involved crafting system: create weapons, armors, items and structures from over 100 different resources

- Physics based game mechanics, such as: falling from heights, sinking in water, dragging heavy objects and characters, solar/lunar cycles with tides and seasonal changes producing dynamic weather that has tangible effects on the game world and characters in it

- Player configurable waypoints and path-finding algorithms to automatically move to them

- Skinning/butchering systems that allow for the full dissection of almost any creature, NPC or PC, dead or alive…

Furthermore, The 7th Plane has almost 100% up-time and has been open to players since January, 2004, without a single character being deleted. It has been in development since December, 2001 and new features and content are still being actively worked on all the time. We always welcome and encourage new ideas and suggestions for improvements from our players. You are cordially invited to join our community and become a part of the ever-growing world.

Sincerely, The 7th Plane Administrative Staff

Mud Theme: PvE in dark fantasy environment

Client Recommendation: MUSH Client 4.73 (or latest)

The 7th Plane Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Bylar
Posted on Fri Apr 8 11:22:24 2016 / 0 comments
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10,000 characters is not enough to tell you everything this mud has to offer. The 7th Plane has been my home for many years. The type of in-depth customization that has went into this amazing universe, is beyond any I have ever seen as a regular Mudder. With extremely unique classes, all of which have intricate sub-classes, and sub-genres within; Expansive areas of exploration, environmental effects such as burning to death, drowning, lightning strikes, thrown by tornadoes, localized time freezes caused by a mage's paradox levels... There's so much that can happen to you in this game. All of the armor and weapons within the game are crafted by the player. Varying resource types and tiers, allow you to deck your character out in whatever you see fit. Wanna be a giant werewolf wearing an enormous hammer made of obsidian? Do it. Want to be a monk and go on a shark killing spree and craft your armor only out of aquafell? It's possible. Not only is the armor crafting system amazing, but there are so many others forms of crafting, embedding, sewing, forging, cartography, etc. The hours you can spend on this game are limitless, as you will never run out of things to do. Don't take my word for it. Come try it out. You'll love it. I've called this place home since I started, and I know that no other mud, however many I may try, will ever take its place in my gamer's heart.


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Review posted by Znook
Posted on Tue Nov 5 11:12:59 2013 / 0 comments
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My review and thoughts of the game 7th plane after 24 hours of game play over the last week.

Frame of referance: I have played a few mmos such as WoW and Rift. Avid player of Wurmonline(100days in game over 2 years). For muds I have logged a couple weeks in BatMud and visited molly and the gang at 4diminsions several times. 4D was the first mud I played fallowed by batmud not counter several other small ones. So while I'm not super experianced I think as a new player I have a great perspective as a new player in a mud and crafting system.

The client im useing is Mushclient(

Gameplay is the first thing I'll cover then fallowed by support from the games staff.

Initail impression. When i first popped in there was a section about refreances and thats about it bam you were in the world. I like this no academy( like the masterfully build in 4d), random signs to read every were teachng you the ins and outs of commands with in your first ten minutes of game play. Instead the instruction was more organic, learning things as they come up. I perefer this as it causes players to be self motivating and more invested in the world around them.

Navigation:Automatically there is a small acsii map when you cange room and you automatically start with regional maps in your bag so navegation is no problem. Also on the site is a world map.

Advancement:This some what goes into the crafting side of things but the key idea is you use skills abilities spells ect and that causes them to go up aswell as in creasing your base states. This is my favortite form of leveling my character, like morrowind.

Combat:works fine for me, with features like auto stance and fighing stlye takes alot of commands out of your hair but still allows you to control your character in combat. One minus is seems like mobs move from room to room to quickly, this is why i choose not to become a mage. The time taken to type cast 'magic missile' mole would mean its several rooms away by now. How ever the staff is aware and i belive working on it, im not completely informed on the issue.

Crafting:The game encourages the creation of armor and equipment in game and for personal use, I have not really broached this portion of game play as im till doing basic skilling up. I have created and gathered some basic supplies like hide bones meat and wood, also i was able to make a map. And you can make houses other buildings and boats, thats just what i know about right now there may be more, boats!

Maps- Players can make maps?!? how cool is that and in game sell them based on the size sounds like a good way to make money to me. Also you can but maps from npcs all over the world.

Lore- So far it seems other than digging through the help files theres not a large confentation of lore or a required level of ingame knowledge in order to get around. This is nice cause while im still fuigureing out mechanics and the basics of my class i dont want to be bombareded with lore and semantics. But the lore is then you just have to read if your intrested, again remindeds me of morrowind.

Support, here ill go over the help i found and recived.

Website: Website is packed with information, all the help files, links, world map, newbi info, polls and lore.

Help files: There are extensive ingame help files and those are reflected on the site very easy to get most ingame information.

Boards: While I dont know of a game forum yet there is a ingame message board system which is useful for shareing game related information. On the boards you can submit ideas and inform the staff of bugs.

Map:There is a regularly updated world map. It goes to show just how large the world is but I wish I could zoom in and get just a bit more detail.

Staff: Lyanic is on what seems like 24/7 and is help full. Most of the highlevel players are on frequently. Some times its quite but youll get a replie when they get back from afk. Not complaing that they go afk but really pointing out that they look back through chat logs to see if any thing came up.

In conclusion i give it 5/5, 2 thumbs up ect... Any complaints I can devise are minor and there are channels for addressing them.

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Review posted by Marlon
Posted on Mon Jun 24 07:30:44 2013 / 4 comments
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Logged in after seeing the host and port on the forums. No room descriptions, got lost immediately, died within 5 minutes of creating a character. Much work needs to be done on this mud before others are allowed on it.

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Comment posted on Fri Apr 1 16:08:57 2011 by Lyanic:

There are room descriptions, unless they were disabled by player config command. The only people who get lost are the ones who ignore the starting room description and the prompt to read 'help newbie' upon first login. The only people who die within 5 minutes are the ones who wander off without reading and get lost. The game has been open to the public for 7+ years (9+ in development), with thousands of players coming through in that time. There are numerous players who have been around almost the entire time the game has been open to the public, and have logged thousands of hours each.

I can only assume the person posting this 'review' is the same Marlon who logged into the game on March 23rd. If that is the case, basic logging shows that Marlon played for precisely 2 minutes and 38 seconds, and accessed no help entries within that time span. Marlon wandered off the beaten path, ignored a sign (referenced in a room description) stating, ''Tserak Advisory: Travelers, stay off the Plains to the south.' - Alexandrian Royal Guard,' walked south onto the Plains, was killed by an aggressive monster (Tserak Beast) and immediately typed 'quit'. There isn't even a penalty for dying. Take this 'review' with a mountain of salt.

Comment posted on Sun Mar 31 22:41:34 2013 by codrus:

I think the review is accurate. Here's my playing experience there: You start with room descriptions off, so you aren't even aware they exist. There's a down exit where you start, if you go down you take damage and are in caves or something where you can climb back up. So you start exploring and soon fall down another hole again that you can't get back up, and now you're in a place where you're attacked by hostiles that wander in and kill you.

So, now you're dead and sent to a temple and find the only route out of the area is through a graveyard PACKED by hostle skeletons of bats and wolves and even a dragon!!? They wander, and are aggressive. The game's flee command doesn't let you set a direction, so you're likely to flee DEEPER into this horror of an undeath place and what happens is they kill you, fast if you're anything resembling a newbie, taking you to -10 hp, whereupon you cannot use channels to ask for help. You slowly regen hp but as soon as you get past 0hp and stagger up you are immediatly set upon by all the room aggressives wandering everywhere and back to -10. You can't even quit the mud, you just have to terminate the connect.

Interesting experience. I'd do something else with my time.

Comment posted on Fri Apr 5 10:08:52 2013 by Codrus:

Someone talked me into trying this mud again after pointing out a few things about the difficulty I was having.

There was another exit from the temple that I had missed. I also took more time to understand the map and learned what to look out for, and look into first, rooms with pits.

Those issues aside, I started to enjoy the place. Let me preface that I've never been a player that liked crafting. Nevertheless, The 7th Plane has a crafting system that I found surprisingly enjoyable, and frankly fun. Despite it being detailed and broad I found I could jump right into it from the start and have gotten neither bored nor tired turning things out.

The training system is also unique and smooth. Skills, and everything you learn to do is handled as you do them. This system has also been enjoyable and has kept me playing. I hear tomorrow is a big world patch upgrade and I'm looking forward to exploring these changes as well.

From what I've played of it thus far I would recommend looking into it.

Comment posted on Sat Jun 22 09:12:11 2013 by Lyanic:

First of all, thank you for the feedback and for taking the time to make corrections on your initial review, Codrus. I actually hadn't noticed either of your replies here until today, but I would like to clarify a couple points you skipped.

All players start with descriptions enabled. Those not using screenreaders even start with an ASCII minimap enabled. I have noticed a tendency of late for new players to login and immediately start toggling configurations that seem similar to ones they are used to from other games without reading the helps to understand what those configurations do. Perhaps that could explain your initial confusion with thinking that characters begin with descriptions off. It would also account for you falling into that pit, as there are descriptions warning in advance of the hole in the tunnel floor. As for ending up at the Boneyard by accident, that's actually the first time I've seen or heard of anyone doing that.

I made some recent changes to assist with players getting incapacitated and not knowing what to do, or how to escape the situation. Options are now more clearly presented. It never occurred to me before that many players may come from games that do not have similar mechanisms. It was a rather simple change, which has made marked improvements to the new player experience.

Review posted by Junus
Posted on Wed Jan 12 21:20:20 2011 / 0 comments
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I didn't expect much when I logged onto the 7th Plane. Just another Godwars MUD. It has four classes (Werewolf, Lampryi, Monk and Mage) and a couple dozen areas. Then, suddenly, I was immersed in a Godwars experience like no other.

Each class is unique to the MUD, with some familiar names and experiences to keep people comfortable with the transition, and the areas are free of any stock descriptions. At first you'll have to walk around the areas, but each is connected in some way and has some description of how to reach the next area.

I chose to become a Mage upon arrival. I soon discovered a Mage class unlike any other I've come across in the Godwars-based realm. The intelligence attribute raises with spells learned, and the more spells you learn, the more become available to you.

All classes feature different methods of progressing in abilities, strength and title. Mages can search the world for glyphs and insignias which can be infused with armor. Each class also has its own fun way to get classed. The MUD has a currency and crafting system that will keep you busy for countless hours, desperately trying to improve your armor - or maybe build a house. There are dozens of crafting items to seek out and utilize in creating a truly personalized character.

Skills and spells have true value in their use, and don't just get thrown to the wayside. Each class also has access to their own skills/spells. Many NPCs can be talked to, either for items or hints to MUD secrets. The immortal staff typically has someone logged onto the MUD and answering questions - and they are always friendly and helpful. Really, the only thing missing from this MUD is you.

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