Imperian: The Sundered Heavens
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The three moons of Aetherius, constantly shifting and changing the planet beneath them. Their shifting influence and unpredictable influence over the land has brought new life, change and terror to the land. Magick washes across Imperian in waves, new races and mortal powers have been born, and demons walk the earth. Only the quick witted and strong will survive.

Imperian is a professionally-developed and run MUD that offers thousands of rooms to explore, hundreds of unique skills, quests, player on player combat, player-run cities, clans, councils and guilds. We have tons of quests, unique player items and houses. Because of our full-time staff, we develop at an incredibly quick pace. There is often a new area introduced weekly.

From Iron Realms Entertainment, the #1 creator of MUDs on Earth.

Mud Theme: High fantasy

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