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Triforce MUCK is back with a new name and a new format! We are on Slack now. This allows for both real-time and asynchronous RP, has a mobile app, etc. In order to get a character or to find out more information, please visit www.ZeldaRPG.org.

Even though it is now on Slack, the game allows for MUCK-related commands like spoof, look, pinfo, inventory, history, etc., which allow for pictures on top of descriptions.

ROLEPLAY -- We support a very versatile roleplay system, where characters can interact and truly feel a part of Hyrule.

SETTING -- it is set in both Hyrule (from Ocarina of Time) and Termina, but incorporates elements from all games, including Breath of the Wild. As far as when, it is set after the end of Ocarina of Time, but we created a different timeline where adult Link does not back in time and just continues living in Hyrule.

MAGIC AND FCs -- Characters from all Zelda games are allowed, including the FCs. We have quite a few FCs open (from all Zelda games) that can be played in Hyrule and Termina. We also allow characters to gain magic an other abilities through roleplay.

Mud Theme: The Legend of Zelda

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Review posted by Nat
Posted on Thu Apr 15 22:24:27 2004 / 0 comments
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Hello all!

Well, where to begin? Simply put - this is by far, the /best/ MUCK I have played. Ever. So, what makes this place so great?

To get things started, Triforce MUCK is based around the Zelda games on Nintendo. Specifically, it is focused on the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask for the N64.

So now that you've got an idea of what this place is about, let me give you some of the great features the MUCK has. First, as far as I know, it is the only long standing Zelda MUCK in existence. Thus it hasn't copied off of any other themes around. This place is pure, 100% original.

There are currently, a total of two worlds to travel through on this place. One is the land of Hyrule, complete with; - Lake Hylia - Kokiri Forest - Death Mountain - The Temple of Time - Zora's Domain + fountain - Kakariko Village - Gerudo Valley - The Desert Colossus - Lon Lon Ranch - Hyrule Markets - Hyrule Field - The Crimson Wolfos (an inn made by OC characters)

Also, recently, the land of Termina has opened. Althought not complete, it offers a wide range of areas. Such areas include: - Clock Town + inn - Ikana Valley - Southern Swamp - Termina field, east, north, west and south - Great Bay

As you can see, there is plenty of room for characters to explore. Travel between the two worlds is done between a portal inside the Temple of Time.

With characters, the choices open are quite broad. Currently, we are accepting as many OC's (original characters) as possible. These characters can be Kokiri, Goron, Hylian, Zora, Lizalfos, Deku, Fairy (Kokiri guardians) or Gerudo. Most of the FC's have been filled. However, several of the sages have been idle enough to inquire about. I believe that Malon, Ingo and Talon are still open and are available to apply. Yes, Ganondorf, Link and Zelda have been filled. Don't bother asking to APP them.

Positions for characters are also quite wide. We currently have an inn (the Crimson Wolfos) needing assistant cooks, Bards/Minstrels/Entertainers, Dishwashers, Brewers, Butchers and servers. Don't want to work at the inn? That's fine! You can apply to be a knight in the Hyrulian army, a Zora who lives who serves under the lovely princess Ruto, a Kokiri who dwells in the forest or even a minion in Ganondorf's forces. The possibilities are quite broad.

Perhaps the best thing about character choices, is that races aren't restrictied to their respective positions in the game. For example, if you're a Kokiri, there is no need to stay in the forest all the time. Provided you have a good enough IC reason, a Kokiri chatacter can travel anywhere. Another example, is that we have Fairies (typically Kokiri guardians) who don't guard anyone. They simply flutter about Hyrule, going anywhere they please. We have Gerudo who ran from their clans, joining the Hyrulian side or becoming rogues.

Now, onto plots. The theme is set about 10-15 years after Link defeated Ganondorf the first time (Ocarina of Time). Having escaped the seal that the sages set him with, Ganondorf resides in his giant castle that sits just outside of Ikana canyon. He fled there after being defeated by Link (again), to build up his forces. The forces of good must triumph over Ganondorf, or surely hell will break across Hyrule and Termina. This is the main, ongoing plot that is running currently. Smaller plots are also being run from time to time, enabling players with lots of variety.

Now comes on to the weaker part, the playerbase. If you're a Zelda fan or just enjoyed Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask, I highly suggest you come along. Currently we have about 10-15 active players, which makes running a big plot somewhat difficult.

So yeah, come along to dovienya.net 6118. Once connected, you will have to join as a guest, and fill out a character application. Once that's done, it is only a matter of time before your own adventure begins! :)

Hoping to see you online - Nat (Ruto)

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