Star Trek: Phoenix Rising
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Phoenix Rising is set in the Prime Star Trek universe -- the same timeline as the various Star Trek television series -- roughly 50 years after the Dominion War. Set against the backdrop of an ideologically fractured Federation that embraced its newfound militarism at the expense of its traditional scientific and exploratory pursuits, we follow the adventures of the USS Phoenix and its crew as they embark on the first such properly prepared mission in decades, resurrecting the Federation spirit of bygone days from the ashes of conflict.

USS Phoenix, the pride of Starfleet and the Federation, is back home and dealing with a militaristic uprising in the Cardassian Union; civilians suffer while the military seeks out new worlds to conquer. Join our crew as we explore strange new worlds and new civilizations...

Mud Theme: Star Trek, Prime universe, about 50 years after the Dominion war.

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