Mage: the Ascension Online
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People have said that Mage: the Ascension could never be a MUD..

Let's prove them wrong!

The server is always open through the webclient. But the game is in development.

Mage the Ascension Online is a graphical MUD based on the RPG of the same name. The web client has to be used for the graphics to be visible, but you can telnet into the game as usual without graphics.

The game has a very complex rules system and makes use of as many stats from the original white wolf game as possible. New spells and rotes can be created, and used in an instant. While players can also dream up completely original magic, requiring complex rituals and story teller approval.

This game is a MUD, and almost everything you want to do can happen automatically. The combat system runs exactly as it appears in the Mage rule book, without the help of story tellers or real world dice rolls. The MUD is built on the Evennia codebase, and we need builders and story tellers.

Mud Theme: World of Darkness

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