Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith
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Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith is a highly expanded SWR based MUD that has been in development since 2005. Many changes have been made to make gaming as in-depth as possible. We have also recently underwent changes that make the game more RPG-like. We have a custom Account system that allows players to centralize all of their characters and earn points to create new and more powerful races.

The Galaxy mostly revolves around the era during the Star Wars movies. There are many planets to explore as well as starsystems. Players can also do automatic quests that involve retrieving lost items or killing dangerous criminals. Instances are also available for players to do which have their own unique quests and rewards.

Players can choose from many classes, including the new Technician class. Technicians are responsible for ship maintenance as well as constructing new ships. Engineers are also an important class that allows players to create new and more powerful equipment for themselves or others.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, drop by and create a character and join in on the adventures that await. You won't be disappointed!

Mud Theme: Star Wars

Client Recommendation: MUSHclient

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