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A time ago, the Ancients invented all the technology we see today and in the movies and in sci-fi series. Then they vanished leaving behind all their technology for everyone to find and use. Including slings, x/bows, machines guns, starships, stargates, and much much more. 20 different types of quest engines, thousands of quests in total. All quests work brilliantly with lots of hints and hint engines. The MUD is self powered so immortals are not required, instead we play. PvP exists in certain [moon-aligned] situations and in challenge zones. This MUD has build in Door Games like Scrabble, Arcade machines and much much more! The MUD is free to play or get our client from Steam powered, search for City of Ages!! 18+ years of coding all for you to enjoy! You will not be disappointed, we are a published MUD!

Mud Theme: One Man's Magic is Another Man's Technology

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Review posted by Lynne
Posted on Tue Oct 9 04:48:20 2018 / 0 comments
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I was a player back in 2005-2006. So happy to see this MUD back running. I would like to see more players and would be happy to help those just starting.

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