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We have created a vast, breathtakingly beautiful and stunningly detailed rendition of Tolkien's masterpiece. Originally opening in the year 2911 of the Third Age, Shadows of Isildur features the epic conflict between Laketown, the remote human settlement upon the waters of the fabled Long Lake and the ever-growing presence of evil that is slowly migrating northwards from Dol Guldur. The blackness of Dol Guldur has spread, reaching as far north as the Mountains of Mirkwood, delving deep in the abandoned mines of the once-great Dwarvish Kingdom. With Player Characters (PCs) in both areas, intense player-driven storylines are rife with conflict, strife, and heart-pounding rushes of adrenaline.

We are currently in our Alpha phase and every day our dedicated staff adds more features, come and join us or rejoin us today!

Mud Theme: Tolkien-based MUD

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