Star Wars Edge of Destiny
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The time is approximately 5 years after the Battle of Endor. The New Republic is in its infancy and attempting to unite the galaxy under the banner of freedom. The Imperial Remnant has lost ground due to internal jockeying for power in the absence of the Emperor and Lord Vader. Their war is both with the New Republic and themselves. Luke is actively recruiting talented beings into the New Jedi Order. He also seeks to strengthen ties between the Jedi and other force traditions. The Hutt empire has seized the opportunity to expand their influence. Mandalorians have a treaty with the New Republic, but are in the midst of a battle to rid their planet of Imperial occupation for good. Seedy underworld organizations are becoming more active and bounty hunting business is good.

The vision is to have a place where both players and the GMs create FUN roleplaying experiences for each other.

Mud Theme: Star Wars

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