Despite a long-lasting and bloody war with the insectoid Praelor race, humanity remains divided. Three major alliances, each based on strict political ideals, have risen to dominant power. The AIE, explorers at heart, believe that humanity's efforts should be directed toward dominating the stars. The Hale Collective asserts that science and technology should be paramount, focusing their efforts purely on researching and developing new technologies, some wonderful and some terrible. The third and final alliance, the Commonwealth, hold that humanity has become too violent and fragmented and should concentrate on improving the species before technological or territorial expansion.

With terraforming becoming a popular event, much of the galaxy has been colonized. Faster than light travel through wormholes makes starships as common in the year 2357 as automobiles were in the 20th century. Those with a pilot's license are free to bounce around from planet to planet at their leisure, taking part in any number of activities along the way. Space provides countless opportunities for salvage operations, hauling asteroids, engaging in battles with aliens and other humans, discovering alien artifacts, exploring uncharted worlds, or even shopping in one of the hundreds of shopping establishments that have cropped up on colony worlds.

Humanity's foray into the stars has yielded powerful and blood-thirsty enemies, wondrous new technologies, and even given rise to three new empires. What will you find when you venture out into the unknown?

Mud Theme: Space

Miriani Mud Reviews

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Review posted by NewBlood
Posted on Fri Oct 26 22:52:59 2018 / 0 comments
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A MOO with an incredible amount of polish, Miriani easily exceeds the other games I've looked at. While I don't discount the experiences of other reviewers and still have my newbie protection flag, I haven't encountered the griefing that's been referenced elsewhere. People have been remarkably eager to bring me into the fold and offer help. This could change once the protection flag goes away, but I'm not dreading it. I kind of find myself looking forward to the excitement. The sheer amount of systems to play with and activities to do is staggering. I woke up this morning hyped to log in and play.

If I had to come up with one criticism, the roleplay is not as immersing as I would like. There isn't much in the way of emoting or writing, just quick says and socials. While this is fine, to teach their own, it was for me a bit of a disappointment. Depending on what they're going for, some sort of system that rewards emoting could go a long way.

The hosts are friendly, engage with the playerbase, and don't have the 'us vs. them' mentality that's prevalent elsewhere. I can't stress enough how important this is. Condescending or hostile hosts can kill the enjoyment of even the best game. Miriani doesn't suffer from that problem at all.

In summary, absolutely fantastic game, good Staff, but I wish there was more emoting involved in roleplay. Give Miriani a try and I'm pretty confident you won't be disappointed.

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Review posted by Jessie
Posted on Tue Aug 11 15:33:25 2015 / 0 comments
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Miriani is a very active MOO... however this is not the place for the weak. If you don't play your cards right, you will make enemies, and people will blow you up, stun you, and otherwise just plain hurt you for fun.

The player base is fairly large, up to 40 or so players connected at a time, with lots to do and lots to see. If you can handle the repeated tortures of being picked on for no reason at all come on in and have a good time. If not... you don't belong here. Because the players are trolls and don't care about others.

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Review posted by Chris Norman
Posted on Thu Aug 4 19:46:04 2011 / 0 comments
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If you've ever watched, read, or even thought about space, space ships, and all the excitement and peril that goes with them, you'll love Miriani. You are thrown into a galaxy where anything goes. You can become a feared pirate, a cheerful author, or photographer, an archaeologist, or defend the galaxy by fighting off the Praelor, and their biological ships.

This is the most gripping MUD I've ever played. Within two months, I've climbed up the piloting ranks, and I now run dangerous missions into Praelor space with my 6-person destroyer Alice II, with any crew who has the stomach for fast and furious space battle.

But fighting is not all there is to it. I have friends who do nothing but dig in the various archaeology sites for evidence of lost civilizations, write books or just have fun.

The game is heavily into RP, but for those who aren't into that kind of thing, no problem. Own your own ship, or in a private room, with everyone's consent, you can talk as out of character as you like, so there's no pressure.

Hope to see you on there, look up Cray, and I'll show you the ropes (and the technology, and the action).

-- Cray Matkowski.

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Review posted by Patrick
Posted on Wed Aug 6 22:10:02 2008 / 0 comments
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Miriani is a futuristic space combat MOO. It is set approximately 350ish years in the future. The basic point of the game is, you are a pilot and you need to acquire license points and money to get better ships/etc. There are many activities to do on Miriani, including but not limited to: asteroid hauling, archaeology, artifact hunting (deep space exploration), atmospheric salvaging, couriering, combat missions, mail deliveries, passenger transports, planetary mining, planetary surveying, space salvaging, trading and more.

The playerbase of the game is rather robust for a text based game (25-70 players on at all times.) which is hard to find these days. Also there are several active hosts always working on improving the game. There is a dedicated server for the game and I have never seen a crash. The code is stable and I have not seen any dramatic bugs.

Socially the gave is very diverse and vibrant. There are power gamers who are constantly doing activities to improve their characters. There are socialites who hang out in their house or apartment and have social gatherings or parties. There are also player versus player oriented players who like to cause trouble. You can basically choose to do and act however you wish, the game is roleplay enforced.

Player versus player combat generally involves ship on ship combat, however there are also droids, drones and stun weapons which you can use to give other players stun-time. You can basically attack anyone else's ships in space pretty much anywhere. However, it is fairly easy to defend oneself, so its not very hard to hold onto your ships.

There are three alliances with a loose diplomacy system. There have been wars and many in-character events run by the hosts. Currently there is a storyline with an ancient, thought to be defunct alliance called the Confederation of Terran Nations running.

If you are looking for a great futuristic roleplaying environment with a lot of great features and a lot of awesome players, come check out Miriani.

toastsoft.net port 1234

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Review posted by Niles
Posted on Wed Apr 16 20:39:44 2008 / 0 comments
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Do you like being stunned, stranded on a distant planet, and extorted for money? Then this MOO is for you! There are NO LAWS and the strong can do whatever they please. You'll never become strong though so accept your fate as the slave of whoever stuns you.

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Review posted by Freya
Posted on Sun Mar 9 20:49:11 2008 / 1 comment
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Miriani can be a lot of fun, and there are quite a few nice people on the game to talk to and help you along.

There is a large problem with griefing on the game however, which the staff are quite happy to ignore. There is a group of these griefing players who will try to extort money from you in order for them to leave you alone. If you refuse to be extorted, you will be stunned for at least twenty minutes and unable to do anything. That's if you're lucky. It's highly likely that they will keep you stranded in their ship for up to five hours.

If griefing and the unwillingness to police griefers doesn't matter to you, then you should try out Miriani. If you only have a limited amount of time to play and don't want to be unable to do anything for twenty minutes to five hours, you might want to give it a miss.

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Comment posted on Tue Feb 26 11:04:06 2008 by D. M.:

As a player who has been in the server since it began, let us remember it was inspired after SC. Theoretically, the writer of this review threatened with writing a negative remark on the game after ICly opposing the organization verbally and spreading bad propaganda on it. Furthermore, the amount of money requested could be acquired in no less than 20 minutes for the quickest players in the game.

Review posted by Tj
Posted on Sun Dec 16 21:34:01 2007 / 0 comments
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I was one of the first players to join this fantastic new mud last year. Starting simple, I watched it evolve and change.

As some would call it, Miriani is a rip off of the old Star Conquest MOO. I would have to agree, yet disagree at the same time. The MOO is feature rich, with several well-balanced ways to make money, from digging up artifacts in the ground, to blowing up Praelor, to asteroid hauling, to much more.

Miriani's playerbase is steadily growing. At 7:30 in the morning, MST, there are currently 22 players on.

This caps out at around 45-55 during the evenings and on the weekends. PVP is highly present here. From calling someone some obsene name over the communicators to stealing their ship and making them pay you a lot of money for it, it's all here and legal.

The staff are willing to help and insure your gaming experience goes well, as stated in a previous review. They indeed are friendly, and attempt to respond to their players in a timely manner.

If you like to get into fights with other players, laugh at people for being 'idiots', or simply to go explore over 2 billion sectors of space, or maybe even just hang out with a good group of friends at the local bar, this is the place for you. It's unpredictability, and variety of jerks to nice guys makes this place what it truly is.

If you are a person who gets offended easily, under the age of 13, can't separate your character from yourself, and can't take losing, this isn't the place for you.

I would consider Miriani Newbie Friendly. With a strict newbie policy, and characters that are actually willing to help newbies, you shouldn't have an issue getting started. Come give us a try! If all else fails ask for Carl Lyons. I'll do my best to help you get started.

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Review posted by Rider
Posted on Sun Oct 14 20:48:14 2007 / 0 comments
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Miriani is a Space oriented MUD, which is based on the MOO codes. I've played here since it opened, the moo is based on old Star Conquest MOO (1998-2005?) The moo is oriented to players be piloting starships on grid like space. Space combat is not spammy like other MOOS. Space is 3D, but it will not seem like it to anyone using the ships.

Pilots start out with money for their first ship. In order to get larger ships, pilot points & combat points have to be earned.

The worlds of Miriani are very detailed, but still work in progress. There many things to do, mining (atmospheric & asteroid), couriering, deep space exploration for artifacts, & doing missions against aliens.

The moo is designed somewhat to get players to work together regardles of what faction they belong to. Though rarely do faction go to full blown war against one another. It still beta so its still being worked out.

Moo at current time (10/2007) is highly populated with near 30-40 people on busy nite. There is socializing here as again, being in character is important.

I've enjoyed myself here, i know some of folks here from previous Squidsoft MOOs that were producted (Star Conquest, GalaxyWeb, & etc).

This moo can be rather tough on people, especially the immature. This moo is designed to be Player vs Player, as well as non-player related things. From Shipwrecking players, stunning players, and also ship-jacking.

This is not normally done to newbies, but it can be unsettling if one is not used having players attacking one another. One must be reminded that players in character do it. However. the majority of players are fair and will help out someone in need.

Overall, its is fun and lively play to MUD if you're into scifi, combat and enjoy socializing in character.

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